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The project of creation of an
International Guesthouse Network

(Brief description)


The first stage of the Project

Now I, Alexander Klein, conduct construction of 60-room motel (guesthouse) at coast of Indian ocean, near to Pondicherry town. The construction has begun in June 1999. The estimated completion of construction is the end of October, 1999. Its the first stage of the Project.

Best regards from India!
Klein, Tahya, zen-master Olson and Riaz from Pondycherri-beach . Bombey.

The building guesthouse is located on the 0,5 acre (40x70 m.) space in the center of the best grounds of a spiritual settlement Auroville, the place of the constant stream of tourists from all over the world.

The ground, on which the construction of the guesthouse is conducted, documentary is the property of two partners: Ivanova Olga (my close confidant in Russia) and Ass Muhamed Riaz (my close confidant in India). Kurenkova Tatjana is the partner of project too. The property right to the ground is confirmed by purchase deed. This document is composed and registered in accordance with the Indian legislation and the legislation of Tamil Nadu state.

Because of the guesthouse location, and also due to the fact that my Indian partner is the owner of one of the best goodwills (as the restaurant holder and the chef), because of development of surfing on basis of the guesthouse and other programs attractive to white tourists, filling of the motel is ensured. Also in motel there will be a constant working restaurant, a bar, a disco and a hiring of surfing boards service. All the necessary accompanying services will be organized, such as photographic film processing, printing of photos, sale of souvenirs and exotic wear. Probably, the hiring of bicycles and motorbikes will be also organized.

Additional arrangements providing fillability of the guesthouse outside of a tourist season

Taking into account, that outside of a season (the season lasts 4 months since November till March) stream of the tourists is reduced in 3-4 times, fillability of the system of guesthouses outside of a season will be ensured with additional measures:

1. Creation of informational-organizational offices in places of a mass gathering of white tourists (first of all in Puttaparti, in immediate proximity from a monastery (Ashram) of Sai Baba (about that there is a preliminary agreement), and also in the locations of the Ashrams of other spiritual teachers - leaders).

2. Working with tour operators (agents) in Russia, Europe and America. The contacts with tour operators in Russia and in France are established. The tour operators network will be expanded proportionally to extension of the guesthouse network .

3. Conducting on basis of the guesthouses the intelligent seminars, festivals and other spiritual developing events which are attractive to the tourists. The example of Sai Baba's Ashram and other Indian spiritual-exotic centers demonstrate the possibility to create conditions, when the stream of the visitors does not depend from tourist season.

4. Active using of Internet, that is already carried out. Web-site, http://zen.ru, started on July 31 by the participants of the Indian Project, is constantly among the leaders by the number of visits in the most authoritative Russian rating Rambler 100.

The second stage of the Project

The negotiations with the investors (Russia, Germany, France, India) is supposed in period November - March (1999-2000), so that since March - April of the 2000-th year to begin the Second stage of the project the construction of another 4 (probably, up to 7) guesthouses in Kashmire (north), near to Bombay (west), near to Kerala (south) and to the south of Delhi (center). The first guesthouse is under construction and is situated in east (southeast) of India.

The made costs (on 01.10.99.)

Purchasing of the ground - 35. 000 $
The construction costs - 10.000 $

The costs necessary for completion of the project

Immediately on construction work - 20.000 $

The investors individual share in the Project

The variant of individual share of the investor in the Project - share in the enterprise in the form of joint venture or foreign enterprise in India is also possible and even welcomed. The choice of the legal-organizing forms will be updated in November, 1999.

The third stage of the project

Since the middle of the second stage (the construction of 4-5 guesthouses in India) the Project will be expanded for some countries of the world, and number of guesthouses under construction, taking into account that the construction lasts 3-4 months, will be brought up to 20-25.

The fourth stage of the project

The goal of this stage is to increase the amount of objects included in the System up to 600. Entering the objects into the system is supposed to be using the entire range of property relations: full ownership, share ownership, management without ownership, associate entering of the independent objects with the use of discount system, information system and dealing system.

Estimated start of this stage year 2003. Stage duration 2 years.


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The Programm of business with foreign participation to development of the tourism in territory of India was prepared for Canara-Bank (INDIA) during the negotiations for credit granting.


of business with foreign participation to development
of the tourism in territory of India



As Mochamed Riaz, citizen of India;
Ivanova Olga Vladimirovna, citizen of Russia;
Kurenkova Tatjana Vladimirovna, citizen of Russia;
Klein Alexander Vladimirovich, citizen of Russia.


The partners suppose building and expluatation on territory of India of a network of motels with the purpose of development of tourism and attracting engaging of the foreign tourists. Construction 9-10 motels on 60-100 places each in total is supposed.


1 stage: To buy the plot near Pondicherry and to build one motel.
Scope of foreign investments - 50 000$ US
Beginning the stage - May 1999
Duration the stage - 6-8 months.

2 stage: To build addition three motels in India
Scope of foreign investments - 150 000- 200 000 $ US
Beginning the stage - May 2000
Duration the stage - 3 years.

3 stage: To build addition five motels in India
Scope of foreign investments - 300 000- 350 000 $ US
Duration the stage - 3 years.


If you realize this program general scope of the foreign investments in the building motels will be 500 000 $ US during 7 years.


For want of realizations of the given program total volume of the investments in building of motels will make not less than 500 000 $ US within 7-years.


The credit resource in following volume is necessary for realization of the program:
At the first stage: - 20 000 $ as the demand line of credit for the period of 1-1,5 years.

As credit maintenance the ground area near cities Pondicherri in state Tamil Nadu being the property of the participants of the program is offered in the lien.

At the second stage: - 150 000 $ for the period of 3 years, since May, 2000, under the lien of the property in India.

At the third stage: - 300 000 $.



Alexander Klein kl12n@cityline.ru Moscow (Russia)
Tatjana Kurenkova tatjana@zmail.ru Moscow (Russia)
Olga Ivanova olson@zmail.ru Moscow (Russia)
As Mochamed Riaz riazmohamed@usa.net Pondicherry (India)