November Hacking Run

November'2000, 3-6

Hacking Run (in Civil Hackers' School) is intensive hackers practice, with more than 12 hours of hacking practice a day and everyday interview with Uchitel (if present). In designing Hacking Run schedule I used acient Zen methodics, taking directly from Kwan Um and Shaolin Schools of Zen. Those acient tecniques, used in traditional martial arts, help mastery to grow, improve students health.


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This 3-day November Hacking Run is devoted to 12 years of Great Internet Worm tameing. I recommend you to devote this hacking run time for studying of computer security techiques or (anti)viral technology.


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  If you want to join November Hacking Run, you must tell us about it and give in advance donation for living in Moscow School Center and food, $3 per day for Civil Hackers' School members ($5 for everyone else).       , 100. (150. ).  
  Phone: +7(095)162-4767, Ilya Vladimirovich.
E-mail: ath@dos.ru
  : (095)162-4767, .
e-mail: ath@dos.ru
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