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Brothers, if I shall hurt you, I'll do it regretfully.

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Zen thoughts


Different principles of building the balance

Different principles of building the balance considering millions of different factors - this is what distinguishes the two logics.


Kinds of balance

A balance built in a specific case is action. An archive of balances is personal history. Extrapolation is destiny. The possibility of building a perfect balance is Buddha nature :)))) Producing The Final Consolidated Balance is the Last Judgement :)))


Real tragedy

There are many different people in the world… Well, I've met many different kinds of people, you know, I've faced many kinds of claims :)) and I have no such claims, just look here, :))) pls, - as soon as you needed me - I wrote to you without sparing time and efforts. :)))) And as soon as you have understood something there for yourself by that moment and did not need me any more - look! - I shut up at once… And the moment you wrote to me without any troubles, without your need in me - without a TRUE need - a serious one! :))) - I just tod you politely :)) to go away, without even answering your foolish questions (which had no true reason except a desire to chat). :)))

Can you understand that I don't need you? that I don't need your soul? that I don't want to be a Teacher :))) for you? that my interaction with you is based only on my (strange) :))) call of duty to you (as well as to some other people)? :))) I don't need anyone of you - look, I am writing about it all the time, - I am not going to be a "soul-catcher"… :))) - read the "Zen Help" magazine - I write there openly - GO AWAY ALWAYS! :))) This does not concern only you, of course… Let everyone - go anywhere he wants, why on earth should I need him, or anything connected with him? Come on, just think yourself… :))))) And there is no tragedy in it!… :))))) The tragedy is that the those like you are fools! :)))) However much you give them - it's no use. :))) The best - note this, the best ones! - are assholes! This is the tragedy!



You must know that you - you don't have a good understanding of anything! This mustn't show as uncertainty, of which you have enough… sometimes… :))) you just mustn't evaluate things… in some cases.:))))



Short conversations


Intelligence and comprehension

- And I thought I was clever :(( But though I'm a slowcoach, I think that intelligence is closely related to comprehension.

- Very closely! But it's just "related to", and doesn't "guarantee" :))))))

Desire to save all the living beings

- Why (I've read it in a book) the enlighted ones have a desire to save all the living beings? Do they, eh, enjoy it? :)))

- And what else might they do? Tell me.

- Well, I don't know, just enjoy their power…

- Have you seen the "Kin-za-za"? :))) … "And we shall s-s-sspit out upon them…" - "What for?!…" - "…for enjoyment…"

- …or is it boring?

-- "power", "boring"… :))))) The wolves watch the hunters' guns and helicopters, and think: "ah! if only we had all those things!… - we'd then butcher all the cows in the neighbourhood… and the dogs, too…"


What else might they do?

- I've read that they experience some unspeakable bliss of "mercy", well, it doesn't even matter of what - if you feel good, why strain yourself? :))))

- Don't care about this :))) And tell me - just answer this particular question! - And what else might they do? :)))


Leave the others alone

- This is not a self-praise, I'm just ANXIOUS about the others... about those who are starting...
- Leave the others alone, you fool! Care about yourself! About doing something good for the others, somehow! About YOUR doing something good for the others! Yourself!... Simply doing something without being ANXIOUS!


Balance of responsibility

-…for those guys and girls who can just break down, being on a certain stage of their movement – they might just go off the rails, like I did!!! :))

- I do feel responsibility. And I find the balance (of this responsibility) myself. I can’t let myself be guided by the requests of those guys, girls, women, the old and the young, of my wife, after all :)))) I can consider them - yes, I can. How I consider them – it’s my own business! the balance of millions of different factors – I build it myself, of course...


Different sides

- There's only one thing I know - every moment - the destiny and the changing of destiny... it all depends on our choice of a point to look at something, say, at a house, and on the side from which we see it...

- Damn you! How many times more should I explain it to you, foolish thing, that it's not the point of looking that "it all" depends on, but it depends on WHO is looking - which logic is being used, which ideology, how much one's mind is developed, how strong one's spirit is, that is - what is the platform, basement, foundation, position, which you use to look at things! Nothing depends on the sides, nothing at all, if your position is substantial. Then from whatever side you see the house - it can't escape being evaluated properly! And vice versa, if your position is unstable and vague, then looking from here you get a palace, looking from there - a disneyland, then looking from another side it appears to be nothing but bricks. If there is no position, it is quite easy for you to deceive yourself with appearance! Do you understand? - with APPEARANCE! If there's a muddle instead of position... :))))))))))) If the best ones are muddleheads, then things turn to look bad, they do.. oh-hhh... :))))))))))))))))))))))))))0


Could be understood

- ...it could also be understood if one wanted to understand
- Then understand it! - do I prevent you from this? But what have I to do with it? Why should I understand anything at your level? Do you really think that we are equal, you and me? :))))))))))))))))


One more thing about the guys and the girls

- I feel the ANXIETY... (as you have precisely defined my case as "fatal-nonfatal") - well, I am not sure if it was nonfatal a couple of months ago... mind it! now some people are in a situation which resembles the situation I was in a couple of months ago.

- So, what are you anxious about? - The only thing you should be anxious about is
doing something good for those guys and girls. Doing! do you understand?! - at least a little something. Yourself!... disinterestedly! without seeking to muffle their brains... without things like "Come to me everybody!" :)))) Do you understand me, the best one? :))))


Had someone told me about the path before

- Had someone told me about the path before, I'd tell him that there exist no single path in reality, because all the paths are united in their diversity... and so on, an so on :)

- Yes. This is idle talk.





http://klein.zen.ru/english/Platform Sutra.htm

At present I go on reaing The Sixth Patriarch's Sutra. I have veeeeery many questions. I liked comparing the clear mind with the sun enclosed by clouds. Here it is at last! :))))) A simple and lucid explanation :)) But it doesn't make the whole thing clear. Here you are, for example: "Good Knowing Advisors, if you wish to enter the extremely deep Dharma realm and the Prajna samadhi, you must cultivate the practice of Prajna." I do wish! But how should I practice? Maybe the Good Knowing Advisors are in the know, but we are not! :))))))) Maybe there exists a Sutra for idiots? :)))) A "Wooden Sutra", maybe?... :))))))))))

* * *

The Diamond Sutra
The Vajracchedika-prajna-paramita Sutra

http://klein.zen.ru/english/The Diamond Sutra.htm

I have almost finished reading The Diamond "prajnaparamita":))) - it's my favourite word now - I just enjoy saying it, no matter if it's to the point or not. You see, this paramita, it's stuck in my head! :)))))))))

* * *

Terrifying stories

Aneki :)
The story of Kalu Rinpoche meeting the zen-master Sung San for the first time.

Two monks came in, dressed in monk clothes - the tibetian's was vinous with yellow, and the korean's was severely black-gray. They were followed by a retinue of younger monks, all of them bold, and by the interpreters... The tibetian lama sat down and stayed motionless, counting his beads (malu) and murmuring "Om mani padme hung" keeping time with his breathing.

The zen-master, who was famous for his metod of bombarding his disciples with questions until they are forced to acknowledge their ignorance, after which he shouted at them: "You don't know the mind!",fumbled about inside his overall and drew an orange out of it.

"What is this?", - he asked the lama. "What is this?". This was his typical preamble, and he was ready to talk back any answer at once.

The lama kept sitting and fingering his malu silently, without answering.

"What is this?", - insisted the zen-master, holding the orange in front of the lama's face.

Kalu Rinpoche slowly bent forward to one of the tibetian monks, who was sitting beside him as an interpreter, and they whispered to one another for some time. At last, the interpreter announced:

"Rinpoche said: 'What's the matter with him? Don't they have oranges there in Korea?'"

With best regards, Konstantin jury@balance.dp.ua

... The doors of your madhouse must be open :)

Dmitry Moiseev
Buddhist jokes and funny stories




Exercise ¹6 "The most useless action"

I wanted to give a Homework - "Find the most useless action and perform it!" And all of a sudden I receive two letters, saying that some people have done the same exercise in connection with Osho, just lately... well, almost the same... :))) That's why - because of "almost" - I leave this as a home task. Just mind it - not "a useless action", but "the most useless action"! The most useless one! :)))) Is the task clear? :)))

Correct answer


Correspondence with readers

* * *

Klein, and as for the mistakes of the noncomprehending ones - are they typical?

Yes, they are! :))

I make such a conclusion, because those things you write in your magazine, they seem to be written specially for me (for example, about trading and about "unclear and confusing") :))), BUT YOU ALWAYS ADDRESS AN ABSTARCT NONCOMPREHENDING PERSON.

Well, this is quite a different thing. :))) This is dew to my talent as an orator, publicist, preacher and narrator!... - as a bard, in one word!... :))))))  And I can prove this: This situation (the errors of the noncomprehending ones are typical) - is permanent! But you have understood it only now! After hearing the sound of my siver-string lyre... :))))

* * *

...I can say that there's nothing patalogical (that is, that can't be changed or "perturbated") about the author
Any words you can say about anything can coinside with the proper evaluation only by chance, almost! :))) So what of that? :)))))))))))))))))))))))


Translated by Anya Zykova.

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