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Zen thoughts


By the way, that's it - Ch'an

Taking in the Great Reality in the most adequate way! The most adequate way - in the possible for us borders and.. a bit more :)) That is, going out of borders everywhere it's possible. :)) Keepeing the thinnest balance - developing exactly ALL qualities, but not only some ones, damaging the whole, damaging the other lines. And so on. :)) And then you can rely on the God's help! But I remind you - in the beginning of that Way you should - GIVE UP EVERYTHING! - and, thus, - all the thoughts about any kinds of help. That, by the way, is - Chan. :))


Endless list

You should know how to "give up everything", how to "develop all the qualities then". You should know a lot besides this. For example: what is "give up"? what is "everything"? how can the outer be the opposite to the inner? and what is the contrary? what is dialectics? how is the "declaration" connected with "the substance"? when does "the declaration" help "the substance"? and when on the contrary? how to "give up" and at the same time (and exactly therefore) to reach maximum effectivity in all (ALL) the complex of your activities? what is "all the complex"? what is "balance" and it's kinds? how, in the end, to earn money? staying a Samurai? and how to spend it? being a Manager? I won't continue this endless list. :)))



Everything (absolutely everything) is a declaration, if you do not know how and can not do it somehow. :))) and on the contrary. - All what is said by the one who knows and who can, :))) is NOT a declaration, no matter what a fantastic declaration it seems to be to those ones, who doesn't know. :))))


Simple decisions

We're doing the most complicated thing. :)) More, - the MOST complicated between all the existing in the world things. :))) We're trying.... :))))))))))))) Most Com-pli-ca-ted. :))) There cannot be :)) any simple :)) decisions.


Abstract right

You're absolutely right. But this is abstract right, formal-logical, european. :)) The main disadvantage of this right is that it is - absolutely non-construcive, it can never be a way to go... :)))


Nothing can be done to a man

Nothing can be done to a man. Even spoiling his mood. He must do everything by himself (let's not include for simplyness superextreme situations now). :)))) For you could become angry, for example, or afraid, shy, nervous, want something, suffer - you only need to be caught by these your threads - by what you're afraid to lose or afraid not to get. By threads - it's important! - to the past or future. If you have no such threads, then... and so on. :)))))


Want, must, can

You should finally get the condition, when what you want merges with what you must do (and please, do not ask the question "why I must do it?" -you must!), and with what you can. Megres completely. :)))


Get rid of threads

"To get rid of threads" means "to do what you want", :)) and, conscionsly (super-conscionsly!) :)))) And besides here - pay your attention! - in one complex with "doing what you must do" (not understanding why) :)))))))))))))))) and with "can do this". :))) No formal logic can deal with this/ :)) No, - of course, - there always can, of course, appear some complicated european mind, which will tie all that into logically believeable sophistic- syllogistic-o ntological-casuistic parabola. :)) Using the fact that others have less complicated brain. :))) But the main feature of this parabola is - no action. Impossibility of any real action on the base of this parabola. Only - pseudoaction. For example - making by a person, who understood this parabola, a phiosophic dissertation, for example. With an aim.. well, what aims can he have? Well - to get grants, - to increase salary, well, - to satisfy his curiosity (a half of it) :))), well, ... what else can be there? "Pseudoaims", to be short... :))) "Pseudomeaning" "of pseudolife" :))))))))))))))


A thin mistake

You let yourself to think like THAT, to make the way for your thoughts like THAT, that you uncarefully move through the media.. not understanding - move bravely... You do everything like that... from time to time. The consiquences of such a mistake are not noticed, usually, by people. More exactly - the reasons of such consequences. :)) The reasons of consequences always hise themselves by interpretation. That means, the reason-mistake is invisible. Therefore the consequences, even if they beat you, still the fact, that they are - the consequences of exactly "that" mistake - is not understood. :))) Therefore it's possible to say that "the consequences of such a mistakes aren't noticed". Happily, sometimes (and maybe, even often) :)) - you understand, what is the reason for this or that event, you see the reasons, see these thin connections. This let you improve yourself.



Short conversations


Everybody will get the deserves!

- Everybody will get what he deserves!!

- Well, you're just like the Ukranian faschists from UNA_UNSO: No innocent ones!

- Yes. :))) But "When two people do (say) the same - it doesn't mean that they do the same". :))) And the ability to understand all this is called - wisdom. And tha ability not to understans this - is called "mind". So - I don't know about "No innocent ones!", but "Everybody will get hte deserved!" :)))))


Quantunum non datum!

- When I'll be able to fulfil completely the concsios, which is inside of me, - then maybe I won't have to write anything, but it'd be enough just to exist, and this would already be a book in some way?

- Yes! I call this: you walk, and life blossoms around you.. The flowers blossom and all the rest. :)) And a book - the books = is just an instrument, one of the instruments... :)) mportant or not? :)) The importance of the instrument is defined by the situation - the connection of threads of evens in an exact way. :)) Therefore when you write books - either you know what are you doing (what for and why exactly), or you're learning to create instruments, also doing something useful, or you're entertaining in such a way... :))) There's no fourth way! :)))))))))))))))))))) Quantunum non datum! - as the anscien Roman Chinease said! :)))



- Za-Zen gives me minimal sense of internal serenity and feeling of unity, however it is kept in Za-Zen only...

- Yes. Ch'an - it is not in greenhouse. :)))


Memorize the name - "Second Logic"

- A man following the Path loves everyone, yes? What task does he choose for himself? To follow the Path. To perceive the Love one need to forget about everything, including about the Path - From this point of view a man becomes vulnerable, but, when he gives himself to Love, he finds something different. Hovewer, the Love is transient, unlike the Path, that is why it is impossible to escape from returning. Only when this Love will become permanent, it is possible to say (but better not to say) :), that it is - the Love on the Path. IMHO.

I will some day - it is time, apparently... :))) - publish on the site the material about the Second Logic...  Now memorize the only the name - "the Second Logic".... :))) It will help you.... :))))))))))))))) ... to grasp these (and other, of course) :))) questions... if you will understand... the Second Logic... slightly... :)))))


To go out border

I can just advise: When studying the world, try to go out "border". :)))


- I ment very concrete thing, when said "when studying the world, try to go out "border"". I ment - for example, it seems to you that the border of your behaviour, not offending, for example, another man is placed here... Go carefuly OUT this border. Take a look... Go carefuly out the border of "hard" behaviour... out the border, "which takes into account of interests of others" behaviour etc. Understand?... :))))


Sufficient, Insufficient Accessible Only for God

- "Understading of the World to divided to Sufficient, Insufficient Accessible Only for the God" - it is logical formula, and nothing more, because we can not know what is accessible and what is not accessible for the God. Therefore the categories Sufficient and Insufficient can not be determined dy us either. One can speak on this subject for a long time, but it is impossible to understand it!

- If one speak abstractly-theoreticaly, then yes - it is impossible to determine it. Hovewer, no need in it. Let other ones, who have other goals, and ones who made chatting their own profession, - speak so about it. We need to speak concretely: Is it Sufficient or Insufficient understading for to become brave to make something.



Once again about "to go out border"

- I just say: "You think, for example, that this behaviour is acceptable, is normal, in BORDERS. And that one - is somewhat out of decency, of limits of permissibility, of norm, of borders... So, do it "somewhat" - gp otu borders. I am telling about these borders now and about this "go out". :)))


You are abstactioneer!...

- You are abstactioneer!... Abstactioneers-know-all can not finish good.

- I don't know what I am at all.

- You flatter yourself.



- I need your advice.

- I can't give it to you yet. Wait.

- True Ch'an answer, apparently. :)

- I don't know. I am always speaking literally.

- Literally what?

- If I say, that I am very surprised, - than it is figurative expression.


Enough and superenough

- What is enough and superenough? Speak non-english language, if possible ;)

- "Enough" - is enough for to do. "Superenough" is when doing not to know any problems. :)))))



Long conversation



1. You are stiring, but slowly

- I prick you by pins, for you to stir. And you are stiring, but slowly. :))

- Yes, last time I was going, but forgot to thank you for this therapy. :)

2. Tired to stir faster

- To say the true, I am tired to stir faster. I am, by the way, do not know, what it can mean "tired to stir faster". Something very generalized and indefinite.

- It means - "you BEGAN to resign to many things". to get down sail, so to speak... :)) From "you BEGAN to resign to many things" to "death" - it is different distance for different people. But in general it is not far away.

3. "To prick" and "to be prickly"

- But I can be prickly too. :)

- I am not prickly - Understand the difference. These are not prickly things or stinging.

- Explain the difference between "to prick" "to be prickly".

- Awareness - unawareness.

4. Surge of energy to your organism

- I prick you or , more exactly, I slightly pricked you to kind of nervous centers, causing surge of energy to your organism. :))

- Trying to cause motivation? ;)

- Listen, I say: "surge of energy to your organism". I tryed to do exactly this thing

5. To prick correctly!

- I am trying to prick you too :)

- You prick weakly. Without energy. :))) It is always interesting - sincere, unique, energetic, bright, not-well-known, kind, cheerful, powerful stuff - another words, alive and real stuff - but not immitation, not fake, not ersatz. To discuss, to participate, to admire, to help, to do - no matter what exactly!... :)))

6. Ultimatum

- But old banalities turn out the most wisdom things - quintessence of many years of work and lives.

- Either you stop to hammer this shit into me or I cease to prick you by pins!



A koan from Lotos


One Hand Clapping

- Well, yesterday I racked my brains over the clapping.......no good.......but what is logical thinking..... it is better (faster) when human thoughts less busy with any rubbish ( more time remains for "thinking")... then - chain: if man thinks faster (more "pictures" he "holds" into one "thought"...), then he goes more long way... then he comes closer to "reference point"... and respectively thinks faster etc. ..... ... till to reference point (if it exists ... - in this case this clapping becomes like metaphor, telling about any soft " velvet " action..... but this is only supposition...this understanding of logic from another.....

So, well... - completely... :)))) I understand one hand clapping in this way: A man is making one action and right now another one, reverse or inhibitory action. :)))) He want one thing but makes conversely. :))) He tries to Clap his hands but all the time he takes away the second hand. :))) Step forward, two steps backward. :))) Above all the world there is stormy one-hand-clapping applause. :))))))))))) I did not meet a man which does not clap one hand. This clapping is global description of activity of every man. :)))) If you want to clap your hands (and loudly!) - then you need to practice to clap with two hands. :))) ...and drop to clap with one hand. :))) The sound of one hand clapping - it's the sound of ears clapping. :))) Using the same money and getting the same success! :))))))))))) And the same noiseless. :))) And the same wide-spread! :)))) Look to the mirror and you see excellent master of one hand flapping! :)))))))))))))))

Zen master Olson said me today: "From my point of view, one hand clapping is another thing. One hand clapping is the highest form of treatment of the world. If you can clap the world correctly (this is, naturally, very difficult) then you do not need the second hand... But if you can not, then your hand will always fall to emptiness..." :))))

And then Olson said a little bit later: "If any one strikes you (She continues about clapping. - Kl.) on the right cheek turn the other also" - it is not said here about patience...  (about patience, of course, however we should not understand it so flatly). It is said that you got it in your face when using your tactics, your vision of world, your logic, your method of taking decisions... Utilize opposite tactics of acting in the world... Your strategy already have brought you to deadlock, to "in your face"... Don't continue this line... This foolish line of behaviour and of world outlook, which have brought you to "in your face"... (Chagne the way of thinking, in which you believe so much... You can speak, that you are NOT sure... But these are - words... Do you take decisions on the basis of THIS way of thinking?... And you are not going to change it... Anyway you do not do anything for it.) :)) By the way, change your usual impatience, and intolerance at one, to partience, for example... :)))))))) Shorter, turn the other cheek. :))) Try! :))) Will not be worse already... :))))))))))))))))))))))))) Well!... More daringly! :)))) Change tactics, brute" :)))

Klein klein@zen.ru



Scary stories


How Klein was killing Klein

- You killed Klein? Next - :) :|
- Almost.
- What next?!
- He, skunk, remained alive. :))))




Exercise #5 "Samurai"

Watch a movie about Samurai. Look how Samurai is walking. Learn to walk as Samurai. And walk. Always. As Samurai.




Correspondence with readers

* * *

Why do you never sign, and say "Hello" rarely? Are you lazy, or what? :))

* * *

...Sorry. I am too sharp. When using another scale. Human scale. Can you distiguish them?

I spit upon human sharpness - It is only one from defects...... :))))) But I don't spit upon defects! :)))))

* * *

I want to cheer you, but you do worry... I want to to help you to solve problem of support good man (your Teacher), but you write: "Well, Altruism? etc." By the way, do you help him (I hope) without any mercenary motives?! And why I can not do it? Olny because I am not member of your pod (band of pale rats of 25-30 kg each)? Do you think so? Only because of it? :))

* * *

I do not want to fight with you at all. Hovewer, I continue to do it. Why? The answer: a) I don't know; b) if you do not say "yes", then it mean that you say "no"; c) because of my great care; d) because of mutual misunderstanding...

Evidently, the question should be formulated not "why", but "what for". :)) ...to fight. :)))

* * *

Aleksandr, Hello! Well, I was yesterday - today a litle bit thinking... and here is what has come to my head: - You very often make "loud" statements.... to put it mildly, hardly assimilable... But if to suppose, that Another logic exists, and I am just do not know it... everything becomes clear... Then the things you are talking about like about "usual", which in my logic require great efforts for understanding... for you they appear realy understandable a priori... It is not required even to think about them.....


* * *



To the reader

Dear reader! So, how are you doing there? Well?!... All good and the best to you! Kl. :))


Translated by Smile, Bzicky and Ded Mazay.

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