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Brothers, if I'll hurt you, I'll do it regretfully.

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Zen thoughts

Concrete writings

I proceed from the idea that some concrete thoughts written down might help a little bit... :))) may be...


The notion of "non-expediet" as well as of "expedient" does not exist on the Path. :))) You can't get on the Path until you learn not to see "expedient - non-expedient". :))))

Persuade by words

How can I persuade you by words?... If you know such words - please write them to me. :)))

A sort of bargain

You are mischievous... meticulous... and... at the same time... you... do not think things through, or something... - you are demanding words from me again... to convince you... for you not to make a blunder... accidentally... This is a sort of bargain. This is the thing that you rather don't like in other people... Have you now understood what you are doing?! ... :)))

Clearly and unambiguously

I can manage your thoughts and associations only in restricted limits. You generate them constantly. The rubbish you carry inside yourself manages their birth. There is a huge distance between the things I say to you and the way you understand them. I am not TRYING to speak to you "clearly and unambiguously" - I am speaking so. But my "clear and unambiguous" for you is "clear but very tangled". I am TRYING to take you out the plane into the space. Things that are clear to you are lying in the plane, they have no additional dimension. But these are just projections. You see nothing but projections. You say: "This is a circle! And that is a triangle!". But in fact this is a cone!!! This is neither a circle nor a triangle and at the same time - it is manifestating itself as a circle and as a triangle. Am I speaking clearly? :)))

"Either - or"

Now you defend banal truths saying that my words are too "tangled". And now you call me an "either-or" maximalist. Don't you understand, that these are opposite things? Look, it's all deranged in your head. And all this together with slackness, passivity and mild pessimism. Don't you understand that this is unbearably boring? UNBEARABLY. :)))

Meeting one's deserts

The world gives everyone what he deserves. And from me too. :))))) Anything you are doing is a "desert". "Thinking" or "saying" also means "doing". "Not doing" is also "doing". Thoughts are in the first place considering the volume of consequences that they cause, then words go, and then - actions. I give very little importance to "actions" as causes of consequences... :)))) Knowing that your scale-sequence is opposite, I'd like to draw your attention to the right scale :))))

Actions NEVER reflect thoughts, but EXPRESS them.

A child's mind - Buddha mind?

The nature of a living being's mind (the base, the essence of it) is Buddha mind. :))) And children... :))) - well, they are :))) - closer to the nature! :))))


Angels... :)))))) Angels were the first task... :))))) The mind, senses and all the rest... yes... :)))) But non-manifestated!... :))))) Non-material!... :)))))) And thus - losing 80% of abilities... :)))) Not of their own abilities!... no...:))))) This is like working with something that exists only by 20 percent ... :)))) But with people it's 100%!... :)))))))))) But a dozen times more complicated! :)) Which additionally raises the level of manifestatedness by itself!...!... :))))))))

Why is it more difficult? :))) Well, just try to create biological mechanisms whose main task is to fight for the sources of energy. :)))) For the energy in the form of material resource!... The main task. The fundamental principle of normal functioning. And try to grow them into spiritual creatures. :))) Like angels...:))))))))))


Short Conversations

The immortal ones

- When "everything" is understood - where is the fun? The immortal dream of being dead...

- Somebody has deceived you! :)))))))

Everything is obvious in this life, isn't it?

- Everything is obvious in this life, isn't it? ;)

- No. This is one of the most fundamental and widespread mistakes. This allows everyone to "understand" everything. The result is a completely fouled planet. Christ has been crucified. Socrates has been poisoned. People kill each other by tons and millions.

The plane

 - A circle and a triangle cannot be combined in the plane. It's easy just to perceive it this way. They can not be combined and that's all. But it is impossible to get anything this way. Except the simplest things :)))

- But it is go-o-od to live in the plane :)

- An illusion. :)))))


Scary stories


The story of emperor Cue Poke and peasant Lin

It was long ago in the times of Cue dynasty. In those years the great emperor Cue Poke ruled the Celestial. 600 thousands of warriors were conquering new lands for him; 60 thousands of officials were collecting taxes for him; 6 thousands of poets were singing the glory for him; 6 hundreds of beautiful concubines were in his palace. But he did not feel happy and the sorrow had seized his heart. Then he called his faithful servants and asked why he was unhappy and how to get happy.

"There is nobody in the Empire who is more happy than you, Son of Heaven", - the servants answered. Cue Poke did not believe them, got angry and wanted to execute them. Then the oldest servant approached him and said:

- For goodness' sake, your majesty! High in Tibet mountains there lives a hermit named Chew'n Drink and there is no one wiser than him. Order to bring him here, and if he doesn't know the answer to your question then no one knows it.

The emperor took his advice and sent his people to bring the wise man. The hermit stood before him, listened to the question and shook his head:

- Your question is hard, Son of Heaven. People try to solve it since the beginning of time, not knowing how to get happy - Chew'n Drink said. - But give me three months and may be I'll find the answer.

Three months passed and Cue Poke called the wise man again.

- I do not know the answer yet, your majesty. - Chew'n Drink said - But give me three weeks more.

Three more weeks passed and the hermit stood before the emperor again.

- Your question proved to be hard even for me - Chew'n Drink said. - But give me three days more and I shall bring you a happy man. Then you will be able to ask him yourself.

After three days the wise man came to the palace again, followed by a poor peasant named Lin who was hardly covering his nudity by rags.

- Where is your happy man? - the emperor asked. - In front of you, Son of Heaven, - the hermit answered and pointed at the peasant. Cue Poke got angry thinking that the wise man was jeering at him; but Chew'n Drink turned to Lin and asked, whether he is happy or not. - I'm quite happy - the peasant answered. - How can it be? - the emperor exclaimed. - I rule over the empire, but over what do you rule?

- Not you rule over the empire but the empire rules over you, - the peasant answered. - Every day thousands of affairs wait for your decision, thousands of cares overcome you. You cannot make a step without thinking how it would influence the politics. I rule over the thing that is more prescious than all empires - over myself.

- I am more powerful than anyone else; 600 thousands of warriors conquer the neighbor countries for me, but where is your power?

- Your army is strong, Son of Heaven, but with every new victory you get more and more strong enemies. As the boundaries of your empire grow it is getting harder to protect them. Some time ago a 100 thousand army was enough, later 300 thousand were required and soon 600 thousand will not be enough. My power is in the ability to live in peace with my neighbors.

- My wealth has no match; 60 thousand of officials collect taxes for me, and what is your property?

- You property is big and therefore it is hard to find a pair of eyes that does not look at it with desire; it is hard to find a pair of hands that does not aspire to get into your treasury. Each of the 60 thousand of officials is stealing your revenues and if you will put overseers to watch them them, the latter will also steal. All my property is with me; but nobody covets it.

- I am famous everywhere; 6 thousand poets glorify me, and who knows you?

- 6 thousand poets glorify you, but there are 6 and 66 times more people who secretly compose abusing songs about you. And it's those songs and not the court's flattery that common people use to sing. Nobody knows me outside my village but at the same time I am safe from the slander.

- 600 beautiful concubines are always ready to give me their caresses, so what is your boast here?

- I have only one wife, crooked and toothless in addition, but she loves me, while your concubines are ready to sell their caresses to anyone who will pay.

- I can indulge in feasts and entertainments every day and how do you spend your day?

- Look at your fat body, emperor; feasts and idleness destroy your health and no court doctors can impede it. I work in the field all day long, then eat a bowl of rice drinking clear water with it; but I am not familiar with sicknesses.

Then Cue Poke exclaimed: - You are really a great sage, Chew'n Drink, - and he turned to Lin. - Listen to the emperor's will! I give you my warriors and officials, poets and concubines and the whole Empire, from now you have to reign in The Celestial. And you will give me everything that you posess.

Lin bent in a sign of obedience and took the emperor's clothes and ascended to the throne; and Cue Poke put on the peasant's rag and left the palace forever.

And later on the emperor Lin and his court sage often laughed recalling how they had swindled that idiot.



Exercise 1


Watch "The Matrix" movie


Find 10 people who saw this movie and ask them if they liked it (yes or no)? Put the results into a table.


Ask those people again, where they would like to live - in the illusion or in the real world?

Put the results into another table.


Compare the results in the first and second tables and analyze them.


Send the results of your analysis to Klein


A koan from Lotos


Why should we need Nirvana?

If A asks B: "Why should we need nirvana?" and B answers "What is nirvana?" then B is close to the enlightenment. If A asks C: "Why should we need nirvana?" and C does not respond, it means C is closer to the enlightenment than B. But if A can not find anyone to ask him "Why should we need nirvana?" then the one whom A cannot find has achieved enlightening. Isn't it so?

Dan dan@citycat.ru


To the reader

Dear reader! Write! And send! And - read, certainly!... :)) All the best and great to you! Spring has come! Kl. :)))))


Translated by Stas, VT, and Anya Zykova.

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