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Zen ideas


Once again about financially materialistic intention

Please recollect:)))) - Buddha was a prince.:)))) Somewhat of a king even...:))))) He has decided to become a beggar.:))) He has left.:)))) A palace.:))) ignoring all requests of his relatives and his daddy.:)))) And how was he cared for!... All poor, old and ill have been removed by his father to a distance of 300 kilometres from the palace, so that Buddha would not know that there is poverty, old age and illnesses...:))))) Find me another father like that!...:)))))) Not without a reason have I wrote in Help about wolves, that wanted to gnaw dogs and cows with the help of helicopters and rifles...:)))))))))))) Do you think they have any idea, that there are intentions other than gnawing cows? – Like to dance in a ballet? Or to look into a telescope? And do you think they will believe it? When they hear that this is not for gnawing cows? " We know a-a-aaaalll about you... " – wise wolves are thinking. - " What kind of a fool does not want to gnaw a cow? Nice camouflage, dear writers and artists... And also milkmaids and agriculturists... Leave you alone with a cow at night– and you will seize your teeth into her at once!... And the one who will not want to take a bite... Well, he is very likely a moron, ... Gay anyway... Some kind of a rabbit... In short, a degenerate! "


Short conversations


Once again about definitions
That is a problem for me. The second logic does not have any definitions.:)) But do phonetic rules of linguistics (whatever that means) allow us not to have these harmful definitions?
- yes. They do allow.:))) The problem is not in the language you use (" phonetic rules of linguistics ").:)) The problem lies in the level of understanding.:))) Or in the level of consciousness’ development.:))) the correct formulation is not the solution , solution lies in the advancement of consciousness.:))) otherwise it is a situation of " Fools rush in where angels fear to tread and so on ":)))) In short, syntax, and grammar in general, solve semantic problems of cleaning away snags and dust on the available platform – level-of –consciousness-development. Any platform change is carried out in the parallel world by orthogonalisation of intentions. Provided that you have the necessary potential.:)))) And if you do not have ...:))) But you do try:)))) - than the next time you are born, you might just receive the necessary potential. So much for the care for "descendants".:)))))
In the next life
- and in the next life I will not be able to remember anything:))
- so what? – or do you only do good things when you get paid for i?
Orthogonalisation of intentions

- And what’s this orthogonalisation of intentions? I don’t quite understand... or to be more precise don’t understand at all. Snags and trash yes... we'll have to clean that up?:) And how is it possible to make an intention perpendicular? To change it to the one of the opposite direction?
" To change it ".:)))) Yes, you can say that:)))) " Change it to the one of the opposite direction"...:)))
It's not necessary to understand how it works to use it
- as I have also understood " it is not necessary to understand it to use it".
- it is necessary to define your borderlines correctly - " what is necessary, and what it is not necessary to understand before using "... Otherwise, you see, you can also receive an electric shock ... Or, a breakage might just fall on your foot... Or something even worse...:)))) Borderlines! Particular! In a particular situation! In a context of your global goals!:))))))
The Dragon
-.. well, the swindlers (whose acts look moral)...

- " Look moral " - all journalists, deputies, tv presenters and state employees?:)))

- Well, they do not look even close to moral:)) (state employees and deputies) That is I have briefly written about morals. To act moral, like to help someone, to pull someone out by the hair, to show someone the way:)) Showing, at the first glance, as you have wrote in Zen Help, - " will, intelligence, kindness ".
- there is nothing like " showing, at the first glance " in Help.:)))))) And under the sheep’s skin a wolf blinks a grey eye at those whom he may devour:)))))) In Help there is - " to manifest yourself as an innocent person. Ideal.:)) And in other cases - as the wolf. High-grade. Ideal!:)))) But in fact it is not the innocent person and not the wolf.:))) It’s - a dragon. A mythical creature from a parallel world.:)))))))


Koan from Lotos


Whether the punishment should always be adequate to the offence?
The owner of the first logic: Punishment should always be adequate... If, for example, a child has lied a little or got a little dirty, - then the punishment should be light, and if he has told a big lie or got very dirty – the punishment should be stronger...
The owner of the second logic: Punishment should always be adequate... If the child has lied – it should be rather severe. And if, for example, it has got dirty as a pig - that can be punished a little, but better not...:))))
Klein klein@zen.ru




The delightful excerpts from Sutras
Sutra Mahamangala
The highest Protection
http: // zen.ru/old/Dharma.htm
- while one has no knowledge – one instinctively fills the vacuum of his personal " bag of goals " with every possible pseudo-why - " social/cultural/family/financial custom ".
- Mind, that in contact
With customs of the world,
Is unshakable, sorrowless, irreproachable, quiet:
Is the Highest Protection.
* * *
Sutra Maha Satipatthana
Great Sutra about Bases of Consciousness
The Noble octal way
http: // zen.ru/old/Dharma.htm
- one who follows Zen correctly, who follows correctly... - What is he? He is an absurdity. What is correct in general? In comparison with what is it correct?

Buddha (having stopped):

- Noble octal way is correct determination, correct speech, correct action, a correct way of life, correct effort, correct consciousness, correct concentration...
* * *
Beginner’s meditation manual http: // zen.ru/old/Ra_Hari.htm
- " you were set up and have lost all your money " (beginner’s meditation manual) that can happen, you decide for yourself whether to tear you know what on a German cross for the sake of any skirt or to relax.
- everyone gets what he has deserved. Coming MMM will die from MMM. And so on.:)))


Terrible stories


Automatic environments, models and analogies
- greetings, Klein!! Could you please comment on something which gets me every time.:)) (if possible, comment on my "brain" condition, what is happening to me??)... I am reading "Zen Help", I am "rummaging" in correspondence... It came to my mind that almost everybody (including me, certainly), writes that they Have understood that here, and that there. They write with such confidence, but, you see, for example, as it happens - I read, for example, a question, or a simple phrase, a statement, and.... if in my "database" there exists a proper reaction on the perceived info, then at once I think ... - Ha! I know that.... then tape recorder (that is included) plays that " I know that"... So, WHERE here is understanding?? This is more like a comparison of similarity!
- very interesting and complex question.:)) Well, - let's try to go through it step by step...:))))
So.:))))))))) - Questions. – What is understanding? What is "understanding" in the sense that is of interest to us? What is " comparison of similarities "? What is " comparison of similarities " in the sense of your use of these words in the above question? And in other questions.:))
1. " if in my "database" there is a proper response on the perceived info "- under the word "adequate" you, very likely, mean "reflexive".:))) Certainly, in your consciousness there are reflexive reactions. And in consciousness of other people.:))) The higher is your level of enlightenment and understanding connected with it:)))) – only this kind of understanding:)))) of what interest are the other kinds to us?:))) - the less your consciousness is polluted with " reflexive reactions ", complete sets of which make up " automatic environments " - robots, whose task it is to stop the information from reaching the depth of your consciousness, thus reducing time delay of your reaction to this information. Reduction of time delay when reacting to external irritation is necessary to increase the survival rate of a biological organism. In animals this is insured by means of instincts (" rough iron robots "), and in biological organisms, allocated with reason, it is solved by means of combining: a) instincts, the quantity of which is smaller, compared to that of animals and the influence of which on consciousness is appreciably weaker; and b) behavioural and perception stereotypes – that are "not-quite-instincts", " instinct substitutes ". So the balance is found between freedom of will and instinctive-reflexive protective programs. The deviation to one side is a deviation towards "god", the deviation to the other is a deviation towards "animal". So the balance between development - expansion and conservation on the present level is found. Balance between " a crane in the sky " and " a titmouse in hands ".
When consciousness in due course:))) "gets used" to " automatic environments ", " becomes one with them " - it starts to identify itself with them. People turn not only into automatically working puppets, but also – into automatically speaking and – automatically thinking puppets. All this automation - I would like you to pay attention!:))) - is adjusted to fit the environmental framework and a certain way of life. When this framework is suddenly destroyed, these automatic devices perish or decay. Also – as another consequence!:))) - the control mechanism of automatical reaction will send a signal: "Intrusion! Misbalance!" every time when there happens to be a shift in the reaction automatism. This signal is sent to again an automatic " regulator of a level of automatic reaction " with the purpose of fixing the breakdown and to establishing a normal level of automatic reaction ASAP.:)) Among other consequences.:)))))))))
So, enlightenment - is a displacement of balance in a direction from "animal" to "god". The Path - is a process of this displacement. " To get to the bottom of " nature of Buddha " " or, in other words, to the " base of consciousness " means " to remove all " automatic devices " ". Is that clear?:)))))
The Second logic is a comprehension of the fact that our choice of cogitative reactions is made automatically. I shall explain: Cogitative reactions, be they arranged as effectively as possible – are nothing if their choice is not consciously controlled, i.e. not consciously made. So, even if you have perfect tools at your disposal, they will not help you if you do not control their choice. Yes, - in standard situations you can manage with making a choice automatically. But outside this framework of habitual situations you are completely defenceless.:)))) Or as a variation: when environment changes- your field of expertise disappears. All your "experience" instantly goes up in smoke. And only automatism of "thinking" blows into your ears vigorously " You do understand! " - (that is one of its basic functions - " protection of consciousness’ integrity by masking a breakdown ") – and allows you to be defined as belonging to the class of functioning automatic devices!:)) To gather cotton on cotton fields from charred cotton bushes.
Further. About understanding "the tape recorder (included) ". It is- in this case! – a wrong analogy. Not supervising the choice of analogy, i.e. automatically having chosen the wrong tool for the given specific task, - you go on further to concrete considerations of the process - automatically (have chosen a track you stay on it), and the unsatisfactory results that you receive, you take for characteristic features of the process, and not for a natural consequence of incorrectly chosen track-analogy. And you don’t even know anything about the correct forms of process consideration...:)))) Thinking that you are examining - always!:)))) – the process... though actually - always!:))) – you examine only one of casually chosen branches of consideration tree.:))) Remember, in the second logic:))) – depending on how you will define the limits – you will examine and as you have examined - so you will see, the way you see – the way you will act upon it, and depending on how you act - you will receive such and such results. As you will clap - and so you will eat...:))))) Always!:)))))))))) That is what the Karma Law refers to.:))))
There is no " tape recorder " included, there is something more complex.:))) But again - warning! Remember that " all analogies are limp " means, that all analogies have limits of application. As soon as you cross that limit - they start "to limp".:)))) for example: Take a sheet of a paper of A4 format. Hold it by the opposite edges and pull in the opposite directions until the sheet bursts, until it tears up.:))) Did it burst? Good.:))) That was an analogy for behaviour of a crystal and its reactions to breakage. Now say aloud: " But crystals, you see, are transparent... " – Have you said it? Well.:)))) The thing is that you have now overstepped the bounds of a model, crossed the border of a particular analogy. Do you understand? Good.:))) And all this was a model for " exceeding the limits of analogy ".:)))) Have you understood?:)))) Excellent!:))) Now – on to the " tape recorder analogy".:)))
So.:))) a more appropriate analogy would be - have you seen a whole wall of bank safes? A lot of reserved deposit boxes - a a huge number of them?:))) all locked up? You have a bunch of keys – a lot of them, but not so much.:))) Every key has a label.:))) On these labels there are numbers.:))) when you find a safe-box with a number that is the same as one on the key label, you are doing " a comparison of similitude ". And when you open the door and you see, that in this box there lay gold coins, that is an understanding.:)))) And when you open it and see, that it’s empty, that is a MISUNDERSTANDING.:))) The matter is that these safes are magical. In each of them there are gold coins. But they are hidden.:)))) Invisible.:))) Because thy are alive.:)))) And these treasures of the Mistress of Copper mountain (or any other gnome) - will not be shown to just everyone. Not even to someone who has keys.:))) With labels.:)))))) That is similar to" reading the words, but seeing nothing except the words".:))) the safe-box IS empty.:)))))
Well, it is clear that the Full understanding is there when you can see gold in all safes. (Warning: " Full understanding " in this framework – within limits! – of our analogy!:)))) Analogy under the name (the label!):)))) " A wall of deposit boxes"!):))))))
Coming once again to: "..the tape recorder (that is included)... - So, WHERE here is understanding??" This "comparison of similitude!" - within the framework of the model (analogy) can not give you any other result.:))) Having said "tape recorder", you have thereby determined, that result – which you will come to in one step!:)))) – is a " comparison of similitude ". So there is " comparison of similitude " and there is a "tape recorder", ok? Where there is a "tape recorder" there is " automatic record and reproduction ". Do you understand?:))) i.e. you, having looked at the phenomenon, have burped out a final model – a "tape recorder", and then by simple topological manipulations transformed this model by " comparison of similitude " to be the same, but under another label, and after that you are asking - " So "understanding " is not present here in any nature? ". Am I being clear?:))))
-.. or, for example, they carelessly quote the beautiful words that they have recently read... Like, oh! This is, like ... indulgence.... And, this is, like.... here and now...
- the people who do that - the will receive what they deserve.:))) do not worry about that.:)) do not spend your energy and time given to you for understanding them.:)) Worry about yourself only. Spend energy and time, given to you for effective understanding.:)) And if they are not doing the careless quoting, and it is you – you are seeing an empty safe? - take that into consideration and spend your energy and time for even more effective understanding.:))
- BUT it’s simply a recognition of the semantic – generally known-accepted meaning of words and phrases! Why the hell do we need this game?? It doesn’t work! Colliding in real vital situations with something that one can " EXPLAIN AND PROVE ", it doesn’t go further than a clever phrase!: ((People do not use this knowledge when they are manifesting themselves. But, when there is an opportunity to talk - to "shine" - everyone shows off– proving something and looking smart... What is that...?
whAt do you want from me?:)))) Do you want me to criticise someone together with you?:))) Or what?:))) Or do you want me to see how you can take part in " the opportunity to talk - to " shine " – everybody’s showing off – proving something and looking smart... " like a profi :))) Is that it...?:))))))) Greetings to you!


The Homework


Exercise № 11 "Borderlines" (we continue)
Find, look at, realise - any borderline and do something with it: draw it, cross it, break it, close it, define it, move it, break it, strengthen it, realise its elusiveness, take it as a support etc.
The Report of the frontier guard

Exercise № 10 " Examination: my improvements "

Anatoly Vostryakov av@atnet.ru Hi Klein! My head stopped hurting after I have read Zen Help number 14, especially after doing this exercise:) And in general: I began to smile more, began to insert smiles in letters almost in every line:) And my interest in life became deeper – I began to think of how the world is arranged, but not as I have done before, now my interest is more concrete. I have more questions now. I realise, that only a surface of me is scratched, and it is a long way to reach the base. So far I only occasionally have correct views, no base. By the way, reading your magazine helped me to understand that the right opinion is not the main thing:) Be it thrice correct. Thanks.

Exercise № 7 " To do one thing "

passer passer@a-teleport.com ".... Observing a heap of processes (breathing, growth of hair and so on proceeding in the background mode at the same time) and a bunch of processes of even greater complexity (for example, walking) that include loads of subprocesses (estimation of speed and a trajectory of passing cars, pedestrians, rearrangement of legs, estimation of depth and splash potential of paddles and so on) " – Could you, please, give me an example of application of Second Logic regarding "... all this heap of processes... " with which our conversation (and the text above) began, i.e. how a person that can apply Second Logic perceives " this heap "??
Through all this heap we can draw one borderline - " all this is insignificant for the purpose of the exercise " to do one thing " ". What is essential: if, for example, you are walking - walk! Feel the ground under your feet, how your foot rolls from the hill onto toes, shoulders straight, the only thoughts are– admiration of leaves, grass, the sky, brunches, think not of any other parabola trash. Breathe through your nose, feeling your breast fill up. Back straight. And in general:))) – enough discussion! A task was given – to do such and such exercise ! You either do it or you don’t. One or the other. When you have decided:)) – act on that decision!...:))) but you ("you" as a grammatical form of addressing someone):))) you are starting to build models, to doubt, to philosophise, to argue - everything except actually doing the necessary thing.:))) Which is - one thing, or – the other one.:))) Greetings!


Correspondence with Readers


Yes, probably. I have blurted it out without thinking it through.

Thank you. I do not erase your previous lines for the reason, that - here, on this screen, in this e-mail that embodies fugacity, instantaneousnesses and transitional nature of human actions, their insignificance and negligibility in view of the infinity of universe and God, - presence here of such good words - improves our world.

* * *

Strange, but it seems that the citations from the letters, included in the magazine, are all about the authors . Everyone describes only their achievements, and nowhere is it mentioned, what kind of reactions have the people surrounding them. Or have I read inattentively?

You have read inattentively. Yes.:))) But not this time.:))) If people write to me something personal, like things concerning people close to them, - why I should put that in the magazine? For everybody to see?

* * *


To reader


Dear reader! Are you conscious?:))) All of the best to you! But take care!...Klein.:))



Translated by Tatyana Vedeneva

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