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Brothers, if I hurt you, I'll do it regretfully.

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Zen thoughts


A simple tool

First logic is a SIMPLE tool. That's why in a COMPLICATED environment when we look at a complicated system, phenomenon, process - it produces wrong results. "There is an opposition and an opposition". (c) That's me paraphrasing Lenin. :))))


An elephant and a cockroach

Is there a difference between an elephant and a cockroach? Or there's no difference?


Dividing, separating, distinguishing

We can divide, separate, distinguish anything anyhow, using any criterion or a group of criteria - these criteria are always chosen by us, and always - with a certain purpose.


Insects and Non-insects

Take these series (General list), please - an elephant, a cockroach, a maple, a dandelion, a sorrel, a magpie, a pine, a fly, a cypress. Enter these objects, please, into two lists: "Flora" and "Fauna" - so that "different" objects would be in the different lists and "identical" would be in the one list.

Now take the "Fauna" list and enter these objects into three lists: "Insects", "Animals" and "Birds" - so that "different" objects would be in the different lists and "identical" would be in the one list.

Now return to the "General list" and enter these objects into two lists: "Insects" and "Non-insects" - so that "different" objects would be in the different lists and "identical" would be in the one list.


Is it different or identical?

"We can divide, separate, distinguish anything anyhow, using any criterion or a group of criteria - these criteria are always chosen by us, and always - with a certain purpose", and then (only then!) :))))) we get "different" or "identical".


Dialectic's sphere

 Perception has nearly no deal to distinguishing "different" and "identical". It depends on logic and a skill of using it. And nothing but this. :))) - Simple formal logic and ability to operate it's instruments.

Formal logic has it's limits in determining "identity" and "difference". When "objects" turn to "processes" (processes are synergetic's objects) formal logic is not able to function correctly.

No. :)) we can distinguish anything with formal logic… :))) But! - If we look at processes - then the obtained results are unusable! :)) They - are not constructive. They - are "dummies". They - are "formally - everything is correct, but essentially - is mockery" (c) Lenin. This - is a sphere of dialectics. Of dialectic logic. A logic, which is unknown to anyone. :))) Almost anyone… :))



Short conversations



- Evidently, you average the meaning of conceptions and expressions bearing in mind a number of people? :)))

- No. I do not average. There are no - because there can't be no :))- terms in second logic. Or "definitions", like Karl Marx said scornfully. :))) By the way, he introduced a conception of "category" contrary to a conception of "definition". :)))) As an adequate tool for complicate conception defining. :)))) There are no terms in Chan. :)))))) There are no pinions in human body. :)))


Only for special types of mind

- Well, now I think that Huay-Nen could deliver the knowledge only counting on similar type of mind.

- Yes. This knowledge can only be delivered to a special type of mind. "Path for selected" - this concept was introduced by Huy-Neng. :)))


Concrete reason

- Huy-Neng wrote the sutra...

- No. :))) He never wrote anything. :)))) I - am the only one, who writes... :))))))

- Oh, damn, stupid... There was written that he forgot how to write. :))

- He didn't know how to write. :))) At the time he became a Patriarch. :)) Probably, he learned after that... :))))) He didn't write - as well as Buddha, Christ, Bodhidharma, Confucius, Socrat and others - because of other reason... :))))) Lin-Czi had a specific reason to write. I do too. :)))))))))))))


Personal contact

- Seems like everything would be different if there was a personal contact with him? And he could deliver the knowledge to other consciousness types?

- I am talking about only 2 types of consciousness... Yes. Undoubtedly. If there is a personal contact then effectiveness becomes by order of magnitude greater... :))) For any type of consciousness. - By the way, this is on of the reasons why they didn't write anything... :))))



- Well, a man always - whatever he does - if it is really him... and if he is free...and if he is not a jerk... :)) he does this something without any social/cultural/ family/financial habits. He does it completely consciously. But still he doesn't know why does he do it.

- He knows. :))) And until he does not - instinctively he fills the vacuum of his personal "purpose bag" with "false why's" - "social/cultural/family/financial habits".


Financial-material intention

- What intention can incite a man to interact with outer world? Comes out that it is financial-material one.

- From what does it come out? :)))))))))))))))

- Well it is also possible to sing something. And it is possible not to sing. :)) Or to dance. Or not to dance. :)) But it is not possible not to gobble. :)))

- The fact that Buddha had to "gobble" doesn't mean at all that his intention was "financial-material one". :)))))


Word usage

- How important is word usage?

- Very often word usage is very important... :))))

There's no "important" - generally... :))) ...abstractly. :))) There is "important" concretely! Concreteness comes when the limits are drawn. Correct concreteness arises when the correct limits are drawn. :)) Second logic teaches how to draw limits correctly. When the limits - taking into account all :)))) concrete circumstances and non- circumstances :))) are set correctly - then it can be seen: this - HERE and NOW - is important. And that - is not important. Or conversely: HERE and NOW this - is not important, but that - is important.


Second logic and a look from inside

- For me this "second" logic appears (the understanding of it - what is it)... like that look from inside - when you just see - this is "important" - this is not, though there's no direct indication on it - I just "know" so... but if... when in addition involves an intellect - it tries to turn over everything... but since recent days I can kind of not seeing it... :))))))) ...where do I misunderstand second logic?

- That - is resembling. :))) But not quite it. Let me explain: a look - is some arbitrariness. Logic - is determinacy. :))) This is sharpened - armed! - "look from inside". :)))) Armed with the knowledge of some principles and the practice of using those principles. :)))



- About the second....seems like I understood correctly....:))) only the skill is still low - I have to switch - I mean there's no constant use :))))) is constant training necessary?

- Yes. Exactly training. :)))


Why is second logic called logic?

- By the way, why is second logic called logic?

- A machine, which makes conclusions from premises by some determined way is called Logic.



- Maybe exactly this confuses many people, because people start to look for features of logic, but logic - is habitual for us first logic.

- Yes. :))) But, nevertheless, it is exactly - Second logic. :))))


Second logic and a right look

- To me second logic (starting from what I read in mailing list, because I never read anything about this in zen context) seems to be having a right look on things.

- Logic that is adequate to an examined object - is exactly the "correct look".



- Only when a man gets the correct look he can start doing something, because it is impossible to do anything correctly if he is blind or half-blind.

- Exactly. :)))


Limits of an analogy

- Or one-eyed men, they can't determine distance correctly, because they don't have stereoscopic eyesight. They see everything as if it is on flatness. One eye (first logic) is present, the second eye is not. Is such example appropriate here?

- Generally, yes. :)))) Analogy - is a particular case of drawing limits. Drawing limits of consideration. :)))

When I say "Generally, yes" - I say: "Yes. Limits can be drawn in this way". :)))) But the man who with my help examines phenomenon "Second logic" in the limits of the analogy "stereoscopic eyesight - One eye (first logic) is present, the second eye is not" - he shouldn't exceed the limits of this analogy. :))) I.e. he should use it ONLY for understanding of INSUFFICIENCY :)))) of first logic's user that becomes apparent in truncated (primitivized) :))) view of the world that he perceives. :)))) Only! :))) Here we should also remember that "the view he perceives" means "information that he receives by the sensor channels, treated by his mind on the basis of BASIC logic, that is built-in in his mind". :))))


Limits of limits

- Second logic teaches how to draw limits correctly. "Drawing limits correctly" - also means - "being able to draw the limits of limits". :)))) Do you understand? :)))

- Yes. I think I understand. This means limits (to distinguish one from other)... I was taught by first logic. And I do this everywhere and automatically. And when I switch to the second logic... comes out...that the same, maybe, limits... situations, for example... they are seen from another angle, taking into account endless quantity of factors...and...one can get lost among this variety - and second logic teaches us how to choose the right limit (the one that "matters") from this variety...right?...pooh-h-h-h-h...it is tough for me :)))))))))


Don't turn a circle into a triangle!

- No need to turn "a circle" into "a triangle". :))))) Do you understand? :)))))

- Well if what I said above is right - then I understand :))))). I like circle more. :))))))

- No. :))) The deal here is not about the choice between a circle and a triangle. Turned into a circle, you can't be a cone and therefore can't APPEAR as a triangle when you need. The real choice is between flatness and volume only. Do you understand? :))) The choice of turning into a circle or triangle is a fiction of choice. This is only a choice of the way you are going to stiffen. :))) The real choice is - a cone or not a cone. To stiffen or not to stiffen. :)) To be or not to be, in one word... :))))))


Endeavoring not to beg

- I endeavor never begging people of anything - but they offer me on their own initiative (that is Bulgakov who was THAT right!!!!!!!, yes,)

- By the way bear in mind that this correct truth should be complemented with the opposite one. :))) I.e. with consequence of the truth "No pains no gains". :))) Sometimes one should use "Do not beg", but sometimes "For everyone who asks receives, and the one who searches..." :)))) - this is wisdom! This - is second logic's area, pls... :))))))



Koan from Lotos


(a playh)

First logic's possessor is standing on the scene. Lika an utter fool. His brow is knitted. Buddha is passing by.

First logic's possessor:

- Right Zen, right Zen... What is right Zen? Right Zen is a nonsense. What is right anyway? Right comparing with what?

Buddha (stopped):

- Noble eightfold path is - right understanding, right mindedness, right speech, right action, right living, right effort, right attentiveness, right concentration...

Buddha is going away.

First logic's pocessor is continuing to stand on the scene like an utter fool... His brow is knitted.

Curtain is dropping.

Klein klein@zen.ru





Authentic Klein as he is

- And from interesting and remarkable things - my meeting with Klein happened! :)))))) It was superb and still goes on. :))))))) Probably you saw the forward of my letter. :)))))))))

- Yes, I saw the forward of your letter. :):):):) When I opened the letter I thought that my monitor started to smile to me:):):)

- Wow, it was great!! :))))))))))) We agreed to meet on Tuesday and there were 4 days till Tuesday! And all these four days I was "brooding" if I should imagine Klein's appearance. I talked with him by phone and realized right away that the "Klein's voice" I imagined when reading his letters - is entirely other and that actally there is no need to imagine anything like this, because anyway there will be something different afterwards! I don't mean that there was something wrong with Klein's voice, it was just different (naturally), but his real voice now is inseparable from him and is perceived as something natural. :))))))) But the brains still demand: "imagine Klein to yourself, imagine Klein to yourself" - no matter what exactly! I, really, saw some photographs from his website, but they seemed somewhat contradictory to me and because of some reason they weren't enough for my brain. :)))) Oh mummy! What Kleins I was thinking out!! :))))))))) There weren't only black man! :))))))))) And then I stopped caring for it, but already couldn't do anything - Kleins were being thought out by themselves - one better than another - and competed for the right to be called "the only one authentic Klein as he is". :)))))))))))))) A circus, in one word. :)))))))))
And on Tuesday I arrived one and a half of an hour earlier - because I was afraid of getting in traffic jam - in the center of the city. :))) But due to some reason there was no traffic jam and I spent only twenty minutes on the journey instead of assigned "one and a half of an hour" and had to loaf about near the monument of Yuri Dolgoruky. :))))) It wasn't easy to spend this hour. Olsons started to seem to me everywhere. And if there was a young couple passing by - then I had no doubt - this is Olson and Klein! Or at last some of the friends of Zen.Ru! :))))))
The moment of culmination came after unmasking of fourteenth false-Olson when someone started to knock on my car's window. It was a girl. I didn't see her face but is there any sense to tell you about what she became to me? :)))) There was no doubt! I was prepared to say "Hi Olson" when I was opening the window but the girl said, "Just don't be afraid!" (Well I suppose I had a funny appearance...) After superficial comparative analysis I hided my "Hi Olson!" and made a serious compassionate face. The girl sold audiocassettes. Those were some romantic music collection. I watched down the list of songs automatically, bought the collection, and the girl went away glancing back at me with fear. I came to Klein's office in near-infarct state. :)))) Thrice I dialed the number at the watch, and thrice I was told that there wasn't any Klein. All this time the guard was watching me with lenience somewhat experiencing my sadness like father after each unsuccessful try. And then he had pity on me and asked me loudly, "Looking for Klein?" And I say, "Yes" with a week hope in my voice. And he says, "Try another phone" - and moves another phone, that was standing near all the time, up to me - this phone was the municipal one. :)) When I dialed the number and had heard Klein's voice at last - the only thing I was able to say was something like "AH-AH-OOH-OOH-AH-AH-OH-OH", but seemingly Klein was waiting for me and told me how to find him and said to pass the phone to the guard. With "Pass the phone to Shvonder" flashing in my head I ran upstairs. :)))
There, on the very top, accordingly to Klein's instructions I found a door with a tablet that was testifying that this is the right door. My heart was not beating. :)) Somewhat foolishly I knocked on the door two times and asked with other's voice, "May I?" I heard cheerful "Yes, yes!" , when I was opening the door from the man sitting with his back to me in front of the monitor in the distant corner of the room. There wasn't anyone besides him in the room. And here the time stopped. :)) During the part of a second, that took the turn of Klein's head, all those endless images of Klein managed to born and die one after another, leaving the place for final and fundamental "memorizing" Klein as he is! :))) Of course, it was a moment of truth! :))))))))))))) Then there were very warm greetings, handshakes and laughter, and I was still somewhat confused and discovered that I still can't catch my breath after the run on the fifth floor. Probably it was striking, because Klein seated me at once and said - "You catch your breath while I will make some tea". :))))) The first thing I paid attention to were Klein's eyes! The eyes were really unusual. He wears glasses and they, probably, strengthen this feeling. Klein has some unforgettable-penetrating look. He looks with it short and only sometimes. But it is quite enough to remember him very well. :)))) All in all it is quite hard to describe - much better to see. It was very easy with Klein, simply and without ceremony right away as if we know each other for a hundred years. But it was also soooooooo unusual!!! :)))) I was striked by his laughter! :)))))))
I had an impression that he forgets about everything when he laughs, and I couldn't even tell if he is laughing at the same thing I am laughing at that time. :))))) But his laughter is so CATCHING, that you start laughing for no particular reason - to laugh from laughter! :)))))))))) No, I can't describe this too - you will see by yourself! :)))))))))))
And the room - is concentrated Zen.Ru. :))))))))))) For about ten minutes I just sat and turned my head, so unusual and cool everything was! :))))))) I saw this room on photograph - and here it is! Live! :)))))))))))))
Even Olson's phone is standing on the same place! :)))))))))
Olson wasn't there, by the way. :)) Evidently I tried too hard in Olson materialization and my mind wouldn't endure the meeting with Klein and Olson both at the same time. :)))))))))))
We talked about three hours with Klein. He was telling very many interesting things - so I was listening carefully, we drank tea - by the way very interesting red tea with some things that resemled fruit flesh! :))))
When we were taking leave, Klein presented me a !!newspaper!! "Boddhisatvic truth" - a real newspaper printed on paper! :))))))) And signed! :))))))) There, I store it in envelope. :)))))))))))
As a matter of fact there is a whole lot of impressions! :))))))) And the most important is - that primary impressions became apparent just in the evening of that day, and then new and new ones continued to become apparent few more days! :)))))))))
Now - I remember and smile!!! :))))))))))))))





Exercise #11 "Limit"

You should find some limit and do something with it: set, go over, break, close, define and so on.

Report of the frontier guard's action


Exercise #10 "Control work: my improvements"

To_Xa toxa@cmsri.ac.ru now smiles more often looking at the sun setting behind the thin-forged tree crowns between two blocks of flats waiting for the bus that is not coming second hour %-). or waiting for the girl that wouldn't come. and after that I asked myself - is it improvement? %-)

- So what might it be? :))))))))

- alarm symptom. %-)

Tilla Tor borlor@chat.ru Improvements? I think that it is a bit early for sprouts, but looks like something is swelling. As if some hope showed up - became apparent...like a photograph in developing tray, but just as if it is not in the right lighting (not in the right position?), but in another position we will see :)) I'll sprout, I think, and what does prevent me all in all? :)) Is growed up mini-enlightning quantity (as if something flaps my brow with sandal all the time) can be supposed as improvement? But all in all everything is groovy :))) P.s. Enlightning or Awakening?   How's more right from zen position? I like awakening more, but that's probably not right, as if hoping for something in advance?

This your "second logic" might be let out from the underground right away on the pedestal, to bask in the sun, play a bit. BUT TEMPORARILY. :)) To fall out from own style, not forgetting the way back. To grow with hair on the shell of tortoise. Assume that shaving head is not acceptable for state employee, but singing "hare krishna" in the line of orange ones or to go in black over a five hundred miles to Arbat to listen to Umka or to smoke weed as a last resort.

No. :)) No need - "to smoke weed". Use other methods. :))))

And as for others I don't know :))) , shorter - towards own fear.

Good! :)) By the way. When you, remaining a "state employee", are able to permit yourself "shaving head" - this is high level of ch'an mastering! :))) "Are able to permit yourself" means "this won't harm you". :))) Huh, Tilla? :))))

Irina Gutsenko irina@gas.crimea.ua Glad to communicate with you! Interesting, can good be supposed as improvement? First number of the magazine was sent to me by my friend and I liked it very much :) So he subscribed me.   My mood is often good really. (Spring is playing it's role and love, of course :) And after I finish reading your magazine, I just want to fly.. :) Thank you, Klein. :) Kiss you. Irchonok!

passer passer@a-teleport.com Hello! :)) Here I've come to the control work! Going to answer. :)))) So.... No, it's better without so. : I'll start with the thing that when I was answering the questions from exerecises I've mentioned - answers are not objective after all, because analysis depends on everything - mood, time, impression, "today, now I answered like this, tomorrow - it is different, yes, indeed!" And after that, Who is answeing?.... I'm sitting... and in my head, all of a sudden ... Ooo! a thought have come! :)) Who is it there?... And who will come tomorrow, and what will he say? Perplexed. :(( Ah, about the control work...what to say - "since the help started to come" ... I began to SMILE MUCH! :))))))))))))) and... Loud !! And, questions appeared.... And I feel good now, because many "expectations by default" don't prevent me from Looking widerer! :))) And - THANKS ! O!

Exercise #8 "Don't knit your brow"

Tilla Tor borlor@chat.ru Important. Can advice - when let the egg on the frying pan, srape the heels of egg-white off the eggshell with finger and put them on a brow - it's easier to control the tension of the muscle. The result is - virginly unfigured forehead on the face scrathed by time. Maybe, it is important not to clap with face -

:))))))))))))))) A clap of one face? :)))))))))))))))))

not to join eyebrows, not to srew up eyes, not to pull lips smiling? no?

It is better not to screw up eyes. To pull lips smiling. To join eyebrows only consciously. :))) And! I forgot! :)))) Brow! - not to knit!

I suppose that moving one's face - is somewhat like an urge to encourage the thought, to interfere, but violence is harmful. Isn't it?

Violence is harmful? :)))))))))))))))))Brothers, if I hurt you, I'll do it regretfully. :)))) Your position determines - if it is harmful or not. :))))) Your position determines - if it is violence or not. But not just an urge "to encourage the thought, to interfere", not an urge "to cuff on the nape, to interfere", not an urge like " What an apprentice should do? - Kick him! (c) "Zennies", to interfere". :)))) And violence is harmful, of course. It's just necesarry to understand correctly - whAt is "violence".

Exercise #6 "The most useless action"

La Oveja garbager@mtu-net.ru Kicking in quietly. After each perusal. :)))) Ah, now I have something to read. :)))) (Interesting, automtically I put 4 smiles. And you do more!!!) Not by the way, I haven't found the most useless action. :(((( Maybe, there's no such action?

La Oveja garbager@mtu-net.ru Listen, Klein, it just dawned upon me. The most useless action - is when I bite my nails when thinking of something heavily.

VT tt@link.pccenter.ru Checking my misunderstanding: unexpectedly I found to zenhelps (I looked on the news page, nothing about them there), and! read in the last issue reports about home exercises and this inspired me to write about "the most useless action" and "to do only one job": "useful" is a conception that cant be applied to "action". to do one job (not action) - just don't do things that don't relate to the job you are doing. greetings to you.

ah! I remembered that I wanted consult with you. a standard situation - you understand something by words, but you don't understand it really. so I invented an exercise: "the thing understood by words - to understand without words". (i.e. and idea or mental image - without words.)
But I don't manage to use it often (I invented it about a month ago), I remember about it strangely seldom.

Vladik hfljcnm@mail.ru The most useless - is to live!!! What? You think... you enlight... you engage in science and all such things... but all these things... how to say - you still need to live, don't you? But really - this is useless... But useless for what, properly speaking??? For example, if you want to fly - it is useless to bark sitting in a quiet room, and do useless things is possible only in connection with some purpose? It is useless to live...!!! All those emotions, mind, not-mind, all these things are in man....A man knows how to type - types, because this and that....and a bird doesn't know how to type because this and that... but they both live!!! One lives in his opportunities, the other one in his own....Each one created OPPORTUNITIES and now is using them... BUT only for living... Don't want to sleep - got to do something... so I think out... BUT I LIVE!!! and what?? :)) Shorter, living - is the most useless action!!!

Enlightment - is when there's no such situation ("Don't want to sleep - got to do something... so I think out..."). :))) Greetings to you. :))

Wet Shoes ws69@mail.ru Hello, Klein! :)))))))) I think a lot about the most useless action, and the only thing that is following from my reflections - that I don't know and can't think out no useless action. :)) I reflected like this: Firstly I decided to define what is useless. You wrote in some letter that useless is when the result is zero. Do or don't do - it doesn't matter. I'm not sure if I remember correctly, maybe you will correct me, but appears like this to me. :)) And then I thought - useless action and an action without motivation - are the same things? Any motivation, as I think, presumes some result. It means that any motivated action should have a result. But unmotivated actions do not exist, as it appeared to me. :)) I turned over in my mind everything I could, everything I had in my range of vision, even the rocking of a leg - and made sure that these actions are in one way or another motivated and aimed at getting concrete result. :)) Like this. :)) Then I scarified this my theory :)) I thought: if I can consider this situation "I went to a market for watermelons, but they weren't there, and I had to go back with nothing" as a disproof of what I said before? There is a motivation - I need watermelons. There is presumed result - to get watermelons. But as a result - the goal is not reached. Went or didn't - still no watermelons. :)) And here I think: but absence of watermelons on the market does not depend on me. From my point of view, when I go to the market - my actions are not useless. But the watermelon salesman thinks - "You go for nothing, I ran out of watermelons!" :)) In the limits of what I know on the half-way to the market - oh no. Looks like I got in some wrong place :)). No, I perplexed here a bit. One more thing came in mind "If I went to the market for watermelons, but forgot the money?" The lack of result because of me. This means that this action is useless? But maybe that one was useless too? There is motivation, there is presumed result. But zero in the upshot. And then, I think that usefulness-uselessness is a subjective thing. Cracking sunflower seeds is a useful action? From the point of getting pleasure from cracking process and taste of fried sunflower seed + reaching such a goal as killing an hour before the train - action may be considered as useful. Foreigner that paid for taxi 100 bucks proceeding from his ideas about price when any normal russian would pay 100 roubles - did he performed useless action? Depends on the limits we choose to consider, though I'm not sure :)) Now it seems to me again that all actions are useful :)) Seems to me that noone never performs useless actions consciously, this is after performing (or not after, but in the moment the action is performed), in other circumstances, from the other points of view the actions may become useless for the one who performed them or for someone else, who can see fuller (other) context, that shows that action is useless. But for whom? :)) All in all I perplexed again :)))))))) I would very like to hear your opinion, Klein! :)) Maybe I drawed wrong conclusions in the very beginning. Well and after that too? :)) Klein, would you please give an example of useless (for you) action? :))

- Hello! :)))) All in all, I wanted to bring readers of Zen Help to a thought that absolutely useless action is to be angry, offended and so on. :))) I.e. to indulge as Julia said... :))) I posted her message and my answer in some Help... :)) Hello! Klein. :))



Correspondence with readers

* * *

Mayb you'll send instructions or somthn else? I'd read............:))

All the website "Bodhisattvian truth" - is an instruction. :))) Zen Help magazine - is a weekly instruction. :)))

* * *

Not everone understands zen thoughts and other cool things from the magazine/website (without irony, these things help me living a lot!)

No need to talk about others. Only about yourself. :)))

* * *

Your last zenhelp - is just super...

Tenk u. :))) Whenever I issue a Help, - people write - "last one - is just super". :)))))

Possibly some deeps of mind are touched:)) Or noone remembers what was written in previous issues.

* * *

Recently, when I set out in writing things that are evident to me for some reason just because I have nothing to do, I start to read them and perplex in my own statement:)) All in all, - "wrote.... thinked.. read.. didn't understand anything."

In the 12-th Help in the rubric "Scary stories"... :)))

* * *

I read and read about second logic :))) don't know... doesn't seem I comprehend something - but... still, there, inside, it can be seen (for today - how I managed to see)...what differs Second logic from first one... and you're kinda very smart - explaining everything with such words (phrases - sentences)... that I sometimes catch myself on looking to the text... and thinking - if I took an umbrella today, because it is going to rain today :))) and then I say to myself - : "Stop darling! come back." and the eyes easily find the place where the brains were blown away.... :)))))))) ....with complicacy :))))

That's right. :))) You know: if you try - then you'll get something... :)))))))

* * *

THank you, but in the message I only found my own files that I made... And I'm interested in yours and Tanya's files... What do you think, - if they let me in GAO early in the morning, at about 7 o'clock? Please order a permit for me if possible.

Ram! Am I secretary to you? Sometimes he wants files to be sent - I run to office at the Saint Eastertide and click them one by one to "Attachments"... instead of you selecting them at once and writing to a floppy disk and - going away. I.e. - you're good. I clicked them half of an hour to your message. At the Saint Eastertide. Instead of drinking vodka at home festively. With coloured eggs. And now, at the International Day of Working-people Solidarity - run to the office again - trough the entire city - people drink, have a good time, walk with red flags and smile, drink vodka, with coloured eggs that were left from the Eastertide - and I should run to office again - Ram gave some work - to order a permit for him, so he could come to the office at 7, and not at 9 o'clock - to sign it at GAO's chief - I'll have to pull him from the Mausoleum's tribune or where does he drink vodka? - to sign the permit - that's the order - he gives permission for holidays... May 9th is soon... haven't you thought what to do with me on Victory's Day?

Greetings to you! yours Klein. :)))
PS: Tanya ordered all permits in advance. If you'll have troubles with guards - call me to home. 146-93-63. Kl. :))


To the reader

Dear reader! It is the last time I am telling you about obligation of coming on Wednesdays. I want to tell you an anecdote: There was one russian teacher working in jewish school, it just happened somehow... And one day little Moysha came to the teacher and asked: "Comrade teacher! Why do you dislike us so much?" Teacher reflected on it and said: -"You know Moysha, let's do one thing. Children! - he is saying to the class, - Each bring a bottle of vodka tomorrow! And you, Moysha, bring a bottle too."

Next day, when Moysha was preparing to school, dad asked him: - "Moysha, does each pupil should bring a bottle of vodka?" - "Yes..." - Moysha answered. - "Well if it so, - Moysha's dad said, - let's pour out the vodka here, to the decanter and fill the bottle with water..." And they did so. And sealed the bottle tightly.

Moysha came to school. Coming in to the class, and all the children are already there - each one with his bottle of vodka. Teacher puts a basin on a desk and says to the children: "Pour out to the basin". Each child came and poured out his bottle to the basin. Then teacher calls Moysha up to himself and says:
- Drink!
- Are you nuts?...- Moysha says.
- Drink!- teacher says.
Moysha takes a sip and looks at the teacher with bright eyes...
- ...Water...- he says.
- This is why I dislike you! - teacher says.

I think that you don't come to the website each Wednesday by similar reason. Possibly, you do everything like this in this world. That's I warn you the last time! "Draw yourself a poster and put it on your computer" - like Olson says.

And remember: Inclination to "forfreeness" - is, in the final analysis, assigning oneself a dog, who listens only to a club.

Too subtle? :))) I'll explain: "Forfreeness" means "If there is a chance of feeling a club - won't take, won't do, if there's no club in the range of view - will take, will do". All the best and great to you! But beware!...

Christ has arisen!... - ...Try to realize this in connexion to the previous paragraphs. Kl. :))



Translated by Ded Mazay

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