How to learn to see with closed eyes?

Why is it possible?

The thing is that it isn't our eyes that see, it's our mind. Eyes are original gauges or intermediaries in this process. The usualperson uses Dennis jumponly 5-10 % of the brain capacity. If we activate our brain, than the brain will start to scan the information on a straight line, its temporal shares will begin to work as radars and the person will be able to see with closed eyes precisely as well as with his eyes open. But the most important thing is that the activated brain starts to work in absolutely different mode of processing information and the effect of "blind" image, it only one of tests.
The nature shows us many examples of how alive essences communicate with the world around in much wider range, than people do. The owl sees in the dark; the bat perceives subjects, without touching them; the dolphin perceives sounds in a huge frequency range. Why they can do it, and people can't?
Any man considerably can move apart borders of the perception if he wants to. The supersensual perception, that many name intuition, can be used both in daily life, and in professional work. The businessman will reduce financial risk to a minimum. The doctor will diagnose with exclusive accuracy. The seismologist will exactly predict where and when there will be an earthquake. The geologist will find petroleum, without leaving the office. All this is without application of any engineering. If we want to live in harmony with the external world, we should expand our perception. Then there will be fewer barriers before us, and our world will become more joyful and more interesting.
You don't believe this? Then look at these children who play cards and read books with closed eyes.

Card play
Develop in yourself an ability to receive objective information, without depending on distance, time and technical means.

Global creative revolution and the new planetary elite

The world complicates at reckless speed, volumes of information falling on each of us are constantly doubled, and old methods of linear education can't catch up with life. The mankind is too dependent on machines, that all of them will do everything for us, we become hostages of the artificial world which we ourselves have created. We risk losing control. Cybernetizm - it's not serious, Cybernetizm is a joke, that man who has understood it and has preferred a handshake to the screen is godlike. Klister tube, aspirin and a kastet should be criticized from the point of view of a divine science.
Feelings stimulate brain, if the person does not have emotional reaction, it means that he is tired out inside. If it goes on like that for a long time, than it's neurosis. This implies, that the heart and intelligence are one.
Developing our feelings, we prepare our intelligence to work outside of a symbol. The symbol plays the subordinated role, we can use any symbols: the alphabet, figures, notes, diagrams etc., but kindness is not a symbol, if we write this word on paper, it won't mean, that writing person has this quality. Kindness is outside of symbols. The global creative intellectual revolution is a bellicositive nonresistance. It is an active vital position. The purpose of creative revolution is creation of the new planetary elite, which is capable of understanding the sense and the essence of kindness. The new planetary elite are people capable of human response, aspiring to develop themselves and their acts, but having qualities which today are considered not possible or wonderful, and tomorrow will be inherent in any educated person.
The main weapon of the global creative revolution is SIT. SIT the System of intuitive training, SIT is a rhythmic psychotraining, conducted as game; it is a physiological basis for development of any sort of knowledge. The system bewitches and shakes by its demonstration effects, people who for the first time met with the SIT refuse to trust their own eyes, and also the terms in which results shown by pupils are achieved.
It is possible to say, that SIT is a continuation of the development of the Gurdzhiev tradition widely known in west, in its new modernized in the native land of the great teacher of 20 century kind.
The author of the SIT Dmitry Chekmenev diplomat by educationDmitry Chekmenev(he is 39 years old), but has devoted his whole life to psychology, in due time worked as the adviser for innovational politics of the Kalmykia president. Dmitry Chekmenev is the founder of the first-ever-telepathic tournament in card play with eyes closed. Tournament is regularly held in the capital of Kalmykia Elista. In Russia 18 tournaments have already been held, 90 young telepathists were prepared.
What offers SIT ?
SIT allows training any schoolboy of 7-12 years to see blindly. In itself this quality in life is poorly applicable, but the skill to see with the closed eyes, to see through subjects and distances, it's first of all an exit of consciousness to a new level of perception, processingof the information and making of decisions. Suppose that you all this time used a primitive computer, which speed, memory and other parameters are close to opportunities of the ordinary calculator. And you suddenly became the owner of the newest Pentium.
People, trained by the system SIT, feel the same.
It is possible to really learn to foresee events, to develop memory and mental faculties in 1,5 hours of daily training within a working week. Children are able to do it more quickly and easier than adults, but the results of adults also spectacular.
Children and their parents with pleasure perceive the system. The third part of all trained parents and relatives of the children have achieved good results as executors and instructors of SIT.
Is it harmful to the mentality?
No. For mentality it is useful, children become more quiet, kinder, their memory, attention, intuition is improved, they start going to school better.
In Russia the generation of children, which started to be engaged in the SIT at the age of 7-10 back isn't numerous yet. All of the children, who trained with SIT far outstrip their peers in the intellectual and creative development. Years will pass, and these young people will determine the future of the country, world science and sports.

I. We search for partners to create The World Federation of Sport Telepathic Games(WFSTG) which includes three kinds of sports

1. A card play with closed eyes (Harada).
2. Fencing on sticks BoIn (Fighting intuition).
3. Reading of texts in blind - the Infinite ABC-book.

SIT is the alloy of ancient and modern, of meditation and electricity in the veins of the new electronic era, it's the street sithi and space for becoming an independent person, independent of aggression, depression, boredom and all drugs. Telepatic Games is a smithy of creative revolution.

II.We search for people in the west interested in the organization of the seminars for children and adults

The Fox has told the Little Prince: " People have forgotten this truth, and you don't forget. Truly sees only the heart, the most important Thing you will not see with eyes ".
"The main Thing you will not see with eyes". This program is directed to the solving of a problem of information and psychological overloads of the child of the big city. Daily the shaft of the audio, visual, electromagnetic and other information, which renders the negative influence on a growing organism, falls upon the child.
All psychophysical frustration of the organism, in the end, is the result of the wrong reaction of consciousness to the information, coming from the outside.
The purpose of the project is to teach the child to make correct decisions in constantly varied complex environment. The earlier children start to study this, the healthier they grow and the bigger successes they achieve in life when become adults.
We propose to hold these classes as a series of three courses. Each course consists of 7 classes of 1,5 hours. Classes will be held daily. A break between the series will be a few days. Each series is paid for separately.

Why it is possible to see with closed eyes?

Because in the nature there are so-called psi-phenomena. In their description not only religion, magic and philosophy is engaged, but also a modern science, in particular the biophysics. Here are some laws, described by this science.

1. All existing in the cognizable world is various displays of varying, current energy.
2. Two independent concepts - substance and field are displays of a uniform quantum field.
3. All interactions between the components of a matter are carried out by means of emission and absorption of the microparticles produced by vacuum and scooping from it its the energy.
4. The information in the universe is organized as a wave structure.
5. Around all bodies there are the quantum holograms copying geometry and structure of physical bodies and containing the information about them.
6. A microparticle and makroobjekt, being wave structures, lose property of precise localness and similarly to the hologram can to stay simultaneously in any point of the universe.
7. The person, no less than all alive essences, represents coexistence of two forms of life - fiber-nucleonic and field.
8. Any infringement of interaction of energy between the person and environmental forces results in disease.
9. The functioning of the field essence of the person is connected with activity of his brain and can influence both conscious and unconscious control and management.
Dmitriy Sharko - Prezident of WFSTG


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