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Zen thoughts

Mind is used

Mind, of course, helps to act ("to look at consequences more exactly and attentively"), :)) but it's not mind what takes a decision. It is just USED while taking decision. :))) Mind is used, information is used, time is used, abacus is used, but they do not take a decision. :)))) Ability not to hesitate after you took a decision is not concerned with mind. :))) It's just strength of mind. :)))

To study Second Logic

In order to know where are the boundaries of analogies, you need to study Second Logic. :))

So, How can I drive in????

"If you do not distinguish "an abstract" and "a concrete" - it is impossible to solve the task you put in your question "I asked "HOW?" (concrete)". The instruments of solving that task are - the right thinking, as a consequence right actions, right speech, right strategy and right reaction at any second at any "trifle". Take away something and you could not fulfil a task. :))) You are being in the illusion about existing of "fairy crow-bar" that you can find and take it in your hand and state your difficult task."

"Fairy crow-bar" does not exist, my friend Wet Shoes :))

Abstractness of judgements about Second Logic

If someone is frightened of abstractness of judgements about Second Logic, be sure it really Acts. Ask someone, even Wet Shoes :) :) :). Greetings WS!!

I ask you, write me, please, what about this!?? :))

The talk, as I see, is in the following: at first sight, it seems to everyone (including me) it is impossible to understand the principle of the Second Logic, because all of its definitions, all talks about - are just only abstraction. Only models, which are unintelligible how to connect and with what :)). There is no algorithm. In principle, Guram has already explained this in his letter. I can just tell you again how to step up towards this. :))) First, try to concretize. Try to do concrete affair. Try to control yourself, save yourself from the useless thoughts and superfluous acts. :)) Try to be yourself constantly. Like this. And at the same time don't forget about complex acting! :))) Here it's better to quote Guram: "to compare what you are reading with what you have read; try to create the whole from the parts and to pick out the concrete part from the whole". :)))

I ask questions, shake people as well as I can, and after it I get "be silent two weeks"…

"Shake people as well as I can" - I see… But you don't need to do it. :))) This is not a conference. : ))). In main - it's a school. In one of the first letters you may find a conception of our "conference"…:))) The order is: Wet Shoes gives passages from the letters which are to be discussed and are to be questioned. Klein and Guram answer the questions. Sometimes - Wet Shoes. :))) All the other have their right to answer any questions (the 1st sort of the work), as well as to ask questions on the subject (the basic sort of the work), digest it and check their understanding (the main sort of work). :))). Guram (the assistant of the teacher) and Klein (the public teacher) are the last instances in analysis of the questions.

Further. If someone keeps silent, because, for example he reads in a silent, the rest pupils fulfil the rules of study on his own. If pupils are not keep the silent, because for example they read not in silence, each of the pupils continue fulfil the rules of study on his own. Pupils are to be tidy, neat, with clean ears and perfectly polite. As well as well-wishing …:))) with each other…:))) especially towards teaching rank!…:))) Perfectly washed ears - is important for every school. Especially for our.

So, "two weeks" cannot be compared with 60 sticks, for example…Times have changed for the better of pupils. That could not be said about teaching rank. In case of "better" I mean :)))) Eh, where they are, the old times…

How to teach me

Look here! - an example of your logic: "I came to study because I don't know. I don't know this, but I know how to teach me this - I know it best of all. Therefore, Klein, or kind of you… explain rapidly - "I need an example_of_work of_the_Second_Logic, to compare it with the first one and define the differences". Do it!"

Do you understand what do you up to? :)) Do you understand WHO does it? - you think and behave accordingly. This is consequence of the lack of skill of the Second Logic. Mistaken emanation of the mistaken weltanschauung. It's what Buddhists call"ignorance". And the Russian call it…:))))))

A cowardice

At last, I hope, you must understand a common thing that the cowardice is the main obstacle on the path to enlightment? Oh! I remember! :))))) In "Master and Margarita" - to my mind, Pilat says to Ieshua Ga-Nozri "…cowardice - is one of the main sins". And Ieshua answered: " Beast! It is a main sin!" :)))

Do you think why people chat for the most part - because of folly? :))) No! :))) because of COWADICE ! :))) And over some other reasons, of course….:))) So, look! - WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE COWADICE - BE COWADICE! But it is not this way…In short, snook at you! If you show your worth again … Oh!…O.K., that's later …:))))


Ieshua could ALWAYS begin all his talks with the "Bastard!" Do you know why? :))))) Or are you still thinking that mighty differs from a small with the FORM? :))))))))))

Ieshua answered to Pilat at that time - read attentively!- "The truth is a concrete! Bastard!"

Short conversations

How to draw the boundary correctly or Either shall I earn or not a dollar at this second?

- My former teacher, who is now in Toronto, once told me: "Money are going along this world. And if I don't earn a dollar now, in this minute - I lose it." I do not warrant for literalness but the sense, I suppose, is clear.

- I don't want to argue with your former teacher, :))) but often takes place so as: "If I have earned a dollar now, in this minute - I have lost many dollars". And in addition many other things…. :)))))

Drawing boundaries is not algorithmized

- I also do not argue with you. Because you are right. And he is right. "You are both right." © And I agreed with both of you :)

- "You are both right"© - is correct understanding. "And with everybody I agree :)" - is not correct conclusion. The correct conclusion appears when you draw boundaries correctly. "The truth is concrete!" © Lenin. "To draw boundaries correctly" equals to "to think correctly". "To think correctly" equals to "to make conclusions from the existing premises correctly". The reformer of premises into conclusions (consequences) is called Logic. "Formal logic" is equal to "algorithm". Drawing boundaries is not algorithmized. In principle. "Drawing boundaries" equals "the result, the conclusion, the consequences of all premises". "Drawing boundaries" equals "the result of the use of the Second Logic". Drawing boundaries is not algorithmized. Drawing boundaries beyond the bounds of acting Formal Logic. The drawing boundaries is in the zone of acting of the Second Logic. Study the Second Logic!

And "How"?…- just like approximately in that way … :)))

- Yes, well! Now it's clear! But it's again clear only that I need to see not only on the plane. But how? :)))))) Or it became clear to me not what had to become clear after it? :)))

- It became clear to you what had to become clear. :))) And "how"?..- well, to get started, like what we are doing with you… :)))

Incorrect question

- But nothing can interfere you to answer correctly to the incorrect question?

- Well, what I'm doing …:))) Or do you again consider me answering incorrectly?

- In what connection is koan here?

- Koan about an instinct: If we talk about dogs we can replace "desire" with "instinct". If we talk NOT about dogs we can also replace "desire" with "instinct". :)))) It's really just only derivative of the instinct of self-preservation. :))) Enlightment by the way includes going away form the dog's instincts….:))))

- In what connection is koan here? It's clear to me.

- Well? Argue with me - is it really not a "dogs instincts"? A derivative of the instinct of self-preservation? :))))) It's not very polite to tell me "In what connection is koan here? It's clear to me" ? I tell you - "ko-An". And you argue with me . Explain that's not this :)))) Instead of driving in…. But formally, of course, you are right….:)))))))

And so it is koan? - "What is enlightment ?" - "Going away" :))))) So is it koan?

Zen sparks!

How many Great Turns of Dharma Wheel there were, do you know it by chance?… So, - just now you see the last one. :))))))))))))))))

Your bumpkin will stand mankind use! ….:)))))

On your cruelty I will answer with my own immortality! …:))

!!!Today I had a dream that I drove in very profoundly. Now I don't remember where…:)

Paths of Dharma dissemination are confessed. :)


A koan from Lotos

To understand yourself

It's impossible to understand yourself without understanding connections of the World with you and you with the parts of the World. It's impossible to understand connections of you with the World and you with the parts of the World without understanding the World and the parts of the World. It's impossible to understand connections the World with you without understanding yourself. It is impossible to understand yourself without understanding of connections of the World with you and the parts of the World with you…

Translated by Elena Kisurina and Smile


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