Three Trees
by Klein

Something significant is necessary. Something you can be proud of. Well, for example, to build Christ the SaviourTemple or sign some agreement or win a war. Ones do like that.

With most people this process runs in another way. As they have no possibility to make something significant in society and in history, they just spend time in self-justification. It means - they deform their brain. They deform their brain to take themselves as a not useless being. It is a protective reaction. I'm talking about use here from the point of view of some upper sense. It means, a person overwinds it - once, twice; second derivation, third, fourth - and it seems that everything's OK.

Though even the fact that one wants to leave significant traces in history - it is the same as with the majority, but he has more possibilities. No matter what is the reason for it - either he was born in king's family, or money, or he moved to historical arena.

When you're doing something like that and you're proud of it, a tree, a house, a child, - it is a West way. When you're trying to live being all the time interested in life, all the time enjoying your life - it is half East way. One can say it a bit conditionally.

Results of some fulfilments help to maintain illusion of sensibility and, therefore, the condition when you enjoy your life. These fulfilments are that support for not advanced consciousness, which lets it enjoy his life.

You don't have to make any great fulfilments in material world - to build a hotel, a palace. Buddha himself didn't build any palaces, reservoirs, didn't establish new states, didn't conquer anybody. And his followers - they also didn't do anything in the outer world. You don't have to make any significant things in the outer world just not to waste your life. A person with european consciousness needs such things to feel his use. And when he can't do such things, he lies to himself. It is a feature of european consciousness, feature of a West way.

Dangerous zone

But, if a person moves correctly, then even before he learns to be an independent source of joy and life in this world, before he taught his consciousness to be a media where appear sources of joy and, therefore, harmony, enjoyment, interest and unwasted (I mean - not to waste) life, before that - as one of the stages of this movement - he starts to understand, and rather early, that that's not it, and that's also not, and that.. This value is wrong, this, and that. If a person moves correctly, he unevitably gets this result. It is a natural zone on the way: when you already got rid of unnecessary things, but didn't get the necessary ones yet. In outward appearance it looks like a person is not interested any more in many things he used to be interested in.

Like if there are no true aims, and Kierkegor stopped at this point, in the 40th of last century, when East concsiousness didn't appear in Europe yet - it started about sixties. He reached the very top of thinking and enlightment which is avaliable on the West way, he got into this zone - and that was the end. He stayed in it for about 10 years, and it worn him out. He couldn't find a way to overcome this rupture, that everything became uninteresting. And without doing something like that, life seems to be wasted. I mean - being completely grown in West mentality and finding yourself in the point where you don't have illusions... That's the end. You can't understand where else to go.

And in East way such a thing - it's just a zone. And what do you need to do in such a situation? To keep calm, and with your teacher's help or by yourself you can overcome this zone. I mean - if you imagine life as a river, then you shouldn't be afraid, but you should give up yourself to waves, and the river will carry you. After three kilometres lifeless shores will end, and fields with flowers will appear again. There's such a thing. But Keirkegor looks to the window and understands, that he's not the only one. A lot of people got tired of life. Splin, depression - wide-spread events. But these are different things, they are equal only on surface.

A not enlightened person, but having enough resourse to try this, this and that, - as he is not enlightened, and he has an ability to try out a lot, he really is satiated. He is satiated with cakes and he doesn't want any more cakes. Neither cakes, nor pastry, no food at all. But this - is not like when on the way to enlightenment the river carries you by lifeless rocks for three kilometers. There it's a stage on your way to enlightenment. Here - you've eaten too much, you've locked your receptors and left the ranks. Locked your taste receptors.

Therefore, when your circle of interests starts to reduce more and more quickly, you shouldn't worry, you should understand the nature of this, and all what you can oppose to this - is strength of your mind and some actions. Well, for example, you swim between these lifeless shores, and your best action will be to swim forward with stream. In your life it means not to stop going in for sports, travelling, something else.. I mean - doing what you need to. When you don't know this, you start to clutch at the shores, swim back - and this is incorrect. You shouldn't be afraid.

Three trees

And there is one more important moment. We are, anyway, connected with lots of threads with the existing life arrangement. We are attached to our country, which goes through crisis at this time period. We are attached, for example, to our jobs. I don't mean now inner attachment. We are connected by a lot of threads. I mean - we are not absolutely free, we don't have absolute freedom in our actions, in our behavior. And here are two important things again: strength of your mind, such a kind of concentration - to do what you need to. - to do it correctly, and not to do anything incorrectly. And the second thing - is skill. A manager's skill, by this I mean now management of one's own life. A skill which lets you not to tear these threads, but to create new patterns of them. To disconnect some ones slightly and connect to something, but not to tear, everything should be done smoothly. But the better is your skill as a manager, the quicker and more exactly you do these smooth movements. The may seem sharp from the outside even, but you don't tear the life drapery.

And here you also shouldn't be afraid. You shouldn't be afraid of uncertainty of life, plans, perspectives. You shouldn't be afraid, but keep your strength of mind, concentration and good mood, use your brains. And not only it's primitive part - intellect, but more. I mean, judge from not formal, logical point of view, but make your consciensness work to create more tough, more sharp plans, perspectives, and not to be afraid at the same time. Let it be just three trees on this field instead of a forest, but here they are - your consciousness gave you a sharp and correct picture, and so you can shake them. Exactly these three trees. And the forest will grow later anyway or you'll reach it. There should be no fear. There should be no depression.

True construction

If one does only correct things and doesn't do what he doeasn't really need, then there are left oly a few actions.

What have we just been soing? Talking. And it's surprising, but it's what was really necessary to do. Then, later, we'll need to transform it into something, incarnate, developit someway. But this - this conversation - is a piece of real, true energy. And all the rest - is rubbish. From this something real will grow. And from the rest, from the great list of deals, there will be no growing sprouts.Except from, if everything wil be organized correctly, sprouts which help, which stabiize the possibility to create something real. Something true. Any actions in this world have sence as some support, foundation, piles, which have to support the true construction. If you don't have true construcion - everything has no sence.

When true construction disappears, - there's no sence to develop one, and there's no sence in teaching a person to get resourse better. I don't care about him! If he doesn't get it - somebody else will. There's sence in teaching and supporting only those ones, who asripes for truth by any means.

Translated by Smile.


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