World is My Intention

Thorn is taken out by another thorn and then both are thrown away.

E. Ryazantsev

People are different, that’s why they perceive the same facts in a different way, and have different points of view concerning one and the same thing. Philosophy and theology have come to the resolution that there are no facts, there are only interpretations, Nietzsche thought so. And a Cristian theologist Santayana said a very zen-like thing: “There is no God, and Maria is his Mother”. It seems, that in the process of the development of science and information waves, the world should have turned clearer and more understandable, but we notice in surprise, that on the contrary - the huge amount of information not only fail to create a unified way of perception, but cuts off the ground of well-built basement of mind. Of mind, that, in reality, was and will always be only an instrument of making our essential intention legal. The same stick of monkey with the help of which it gets mango. With the help of mind we can prove or completely destroy any theory, everything depends on the length of the “stick”. But in multidimensional informational world logic and rationalism lose their effectiveness. Even “exact” sciences are not single-valued and “stick” can’t be an absolute instrument any more. In atomic physics the result of an experiment depends absolutely on the observer, in mathematics of logics Curt Gedel proved “incompleteness theorem”, according to which there is no full formal theory where all true theorems of arithmetic could be proved. So, two by two is not always four. Everything is vague. We turn to be hang in a vacuum of stable instability, to be captive by absolute freedom. Buddha was the first to declare about the illusiveness of the world, he noticed, that the essence of all the phenomena is emptiness. That’s really so. Of course, the thing that was thrown up, is sure to fall on the ground, but we know many cases when things didn’t fall, but it went up in the air. This phenomenon is called poltergeist and it contradicts all possible laws and formulas. Science doesn’t claim to create an absolutely exact description of the world any more. Partially, because it can give an answer, what the size of the picture is, what the colours are made of, but can’t say, if it is good or not. For me, for instance, Salvador Daly’s pictures are a complete nonsense of a drug-taker, but for you they are marvellous! We can argue, whose interpretation is more real. But as the author of the book “Dao of Phisics” Fritiof Capra noticed nimbly: "the reality can’t be defined and differentiated… All the phenomena can’t get the adequate realisation by means of the language by their nature“. And that is true for anything, not only for aesthetic tastes. Energy, the basis of life and substance show themselves infinitely different and informal. Cyberpsychlologist Robert Antony Wilson said that “the only thing or process, which is exactly equal to the Universe is the Universe itself. Any description, or a model, or theory, or a masterpiece of art, or a map, or a tunnel of reality, or phraseology is always less than the Universe, and, contains less than it in itself. But people spend their lives arguing, which reality is more real, repeating interpretations of other people and creating their own ones, and that is normal. All this proves the fact that there are no absolute picture of the world, and there is no undeniable truth. If you accept this, life would be easier for you. Probably, you’ll begin to widen your perception. You can say: “I exist, and that’s why I constantly need to make a choice. If inner support-basement doesn’t exist, what should I rely on? The answer is - on the inner basement - your own feeling of truth and on your experience. If everything is unstable and relative, that means that nothing changes as in the flow of a mountain stream - the water is sparkling and bubbling, giving birth to different patterns, that disappear in a moment. They are changed by other ones… and that is endless process. But in the essence nothing changes. To change the world we should change our perception of it, that is our attitude towards it and relations with the world, that are defined by our own hidden or real intentions. Going through them, living with them or killing them in ourselves, we can really “change the world” for the better. For this very purpose in wave gymnastics there exists a practice of defining and “burning” your true intention. Our vague and exact intentions define the world in which we are living. If, for instance, a person is in a constant hurry, his world is fragile and unstable. If a person is stable and flexible, he succeeds to do everything in time. How to find this true intention? The fact that the consciousness and body are a one and inseparable mechanism (at least, during life), the true intention can be found by means of physical training.

The technique of defining and burning your true intention. Make a set of 4 slow and deep breathings-in and breathings-out. Such kind of breathings calms down the nervous system and helps to create energy balance in your body. Ask yourself a question:” What I really want, what is my true desire?” Don’t be in a hurry with the answers. Be sincere with yourself. You can write the answers on a piece of paper. Probably, you’ll get such kind of answers:” I want a car”, “I want a good job”, “I want to be loved” etc. Every time, answering the question about your true intention, imagine, that you’ve already got that. As it usually happens, when you want something for a long time, then you get it - you are happy for some time, then this thing becomes a part of the amount of things you possess, and you want something else. Try to realise this happy moment of possessing the thing you want and move forward. Having realised yourself as if you already possess this thing, do again a set of breathing and again ask yourself this question: “what is my true intention?” Repeat the set of 4 breathing and asking the question not less than 5 times. You’ll approach your main intention, at least, on this stage of your life. Then come to the mirror with a tiny smile on your face, burn a paper with your desires and watch your reflection not less than 5 minutes, not thinking about anything. You’ll feel the most interesting moments and achieve a useful experience. Here is the real world - your true intention and your view of yourself. It is only this that exists. What you generate today, would be your future. If you manage to delve deeply into the state when you don’t want anything, you’ll touch the Emptiness Buddha spoke about and which is the essence of everything. This emptiness isn’t empty, it is full. The state of touching it can be defined as full. In such a state a person realises the unity with the world, he hasn’t got any thoughts and desires, he’s got everything, there is no need to hurry, to worry, and he can’t stop anywhere. He is happy because he realises every moment as eternity, time stops, space loses its actuality. Remember this state. “Don’t have intentions, don’t make plans” - wrote in his famous tractate about the art of swordplay Japan Saint of the Sword Sanman Musasi. The most interesting thing is that the technique of burning the desires helps to realise them.

I through the stones into the water
Look at the circles in the water
How the are born and disappear
And I like it.

Dmitry Sharko.

Translated by Belka.


Copyright © 2003