Changing of the Habitual Picture of the World


Development of qualities

To change the HPW (The Habitual Picture of the World) of a person it is nesessary to develop additional qualities in him. Such qualities, which he hasn't possessed before. Additional qualities in every new situation help to behave in another way than you do before, but more fully, considering more details.

In what way new qualities are developed?
For this purpose it is nesessary to "put" a person in such situations, in which he hasn't been before, or create such circumstances, in which a person would seek for non-traditional solutions for traditional problems. In other words it is nesessary to create enviroment with special charachteristics. Existing in this enviroment put a condition for a person - either you change or be unadequate. Changing means moving towards life and, as a rule, it is this what happens. To be unadequate - means pain, resistance, worry.

The ability to change - it's also a quality. And it should be one of the first to develop. And it appears that when a person finds himself in a difficult situation, he at once switches on this quality, and as far as the person already possesses this quality, the presence in it is quite comfortable and obviously useful. So, one by one, difficulties begin to disappear from life, and what is left is just regular presence in the quality "the ability to change".

One of the main practical tasks on the way to development is studying other people. There shouldn't be left any question relative to WHAT, HOW, WHY and WHAT FOR do other people do anything. There could be left just such questions which require a certain type of information and time for recieving it, but all the principal positions should be studied and should be clear.


Level of development

The answer to the question "what's to be done?" isn't important. More, it is senseless. Who needs such an answer? the person who acts? No. The person who thinks "what to do?" No! The searching of the answer to the question "what's to be done?" - it's an existance, in the quality "searching for an answer to the question "what's to be done?". In such a quality no answer would become an instruction for acting. The searching will continue. The presence in the quality will continue. The answer would be swallowed, probably, remembered, somehow thought over but there wouldn't be any action.
It is the answer to the question, why there are a lot of wise books, wise advice and answers to the question "what's to be done?", but the result is a zero. A person gets intructions, than doesn't follow them and go to search something else. And all this is a natural manifestation in the period of going through on of the levels of development.

There should be put a question about turning of a person into another quality.
Anothr quality - another world.
Such a quality - such a world.
Understanding of the conception HPW in this light - it's just a crutch, which is used as a part of The Technology of Turning Quality into Quality. It's one of the instruments of the turning. But not a world outlook.


One-palm clap

Suddenly I decided (for myself, of course) koan "one-palm clap". What's interesting, I haven't ever thought about it. But it occurred to me suddenly that one-palm clap - it's any of my actions. If you destroy the usual fulcrum of intellect - thought "I"- it appears, that all that is been done, roots in nothing. And somehow I feel that. And even intellectual understanding of that gives much freedom.

That, what happened to you - the moment of understanding - is not an intellectual understanding :))) At the moment of "insight" there was born some new quality in your brains. It was raping, training and suddenly - bang! you understood - it've riped. It's like a pole-vault jumper jumps-jumps, and can't overcome 6-meter height. But 1000-th time - yes! And now if a jumper would be given a pole in the middle of the night, that doesn't mean that this time he also overcomes it! The same with you: you can't always answer, what "one palm clap" is, because it's not an intellectual understanding. Every time answers will be different.
But a rare quality did appear in you - congratulations :)))


Presence in qualities

Communication with another person is entirely tied to your personal aims
Think it over.

I've thought it over. I see two ways of dealing with that. the 1-st. Not to communicate with people if there are no aim. (And not to be nervous about that)

Nothing in the alive world supports the idea of mixing "for nothing". Everything has its own aim, ground, reason.

And if there appears a nessecity to have a communication, you should presicely realise the aim of it and keep it (the aim) in mind.

Well, yes, first "keep in mind", and then it will be simply
an unseen intention, which'll help you not to waste your personal time
"for nothing" - you haven't got much of it.

The 2-nd. Ask Lotos and also watch in life - is there an aimless communication? And if yes, understand how it happens and train it.
Accordingly - I ask?

You considered such aims as:
- to kill time (in the reality: to solve the problem of doing nothing)
- just to mix with (to have pleasure)
- to sit together at the riverside without any aim (to have

Have you got any examlpes of the communication, which can be called

Yes. hum...(surprisingly) What to communicate with a person for, if you have not got any aim? (excluding the moments, mentioned before.)

Here you are the three aims to start thinking from :)))
1) to earn much money
2) Not to be worse than others
3) to be much more cute than other idiots :)))

:)) Thank you. (OK. Will be done, sir :))
1. What I need money for? What am I going to do with it? :)
2. I'm not worse. I'm normal. :)
3. I'm much cuter - I'm cleverer than others and others. :)

The thing is such. You are right, I really can dwell upon something and has reached definite success in that. But as a result I delved so deeply only in the sphere of mentsl processes, that all the time I live so-to-say - in my mind. It is more cute to find a problem,to solve it, to think up several ways how to solve it, visualise th results (all this in my minds eye), than act. But! After I've lived all this in my mind's eye, it's not interesting for me to realise all this in practice. For me it is more interesting to solve the next problem the same way, in my mind. Here it is....

The same, you've just given me a very precise picture of the quality
in which you usually exist.

:) The honoured self-digger.

Here roots the tasks for the nearest future:
1) to think over the role of emotions

I've thought it over.A very interesting thing. Many people (especially women) communicate only on emotional level. And the sense of words runs to zero (Not without reason I was always wondering, how they can manage speaking 2-3 hours over the phone "about nothing")

Here it is important presence in a certain quality. The sense
of certain sentences isn't important. It should be "found" and
to understand the essense of the process by yourself.

Moreover changes of emotional state influence
the direction of the thoughts and greatly influence the motivation!!!


2) comprehend and try to alternate the presence in the quality
"intellect - user" and in the quality "emotion - user"

I can. I've managed it... But I can not stay long in the quality of "emotional - user".
I feel quickly "tired" and start to think about it. Again negative emotions. I run from them, as well as from positive ones. Still to make yourself experience negative emotion while you can escape them... Difficult.

Add to this, "positiveness" and "negativeness" of emotions - they are
just names. The true emotional state should
correspond with the call of the surroundings. And, really, what is called
negative emotions - is just a case of non-correspondence between you and this call.
An emotion by itself can't be good or bad.

3) compare your own view of the world, when you are in one state
and when you are in another one

It differs greatly. By the way, the problem of communication in "emotion - user" doesn't exist.


Here comes the conclusion - if you want to get acquainted with a girl - don't think!
Acquire some state - better joy of living
- and go! :)))) What would be said exactly
- doesn't matter. In many cases the acquaintance would happen :)))

Everything becomes more simple. But on the other hand - a lot of
thoughtless and trully useless actions. Fussing.

It is at the beginning.
Then emotions would change one another quite according to the same strict rules as
thoughts exchange one another.
The thought "well, what've I done" cannot be followed by the thought
"probably rabbits are usually blue". The same the emotion
"active admiring" cannot be followed by the emotion
"deadening of all coming signals".
When a child learns to speak - he prattles not to the point.
When one develops his emotionality, he prattles the same way
but instead of words there are emotional clots.

The worse of all that is that neither intellect user, nor emotion user in me doesn't want to
give the power to one another. Both want to stay. They need somebody the third who could controle them... Or unite them into one.

It is likely needed gaining of the wider experience in one quality
and in another. After gaining a certain mass appears
insight, escape and going on a new level.

4) to look for the possibility to join both the qualities, is it possible
or not?

no, it is not... But.. Probably, yes. (there is nothing impossible) Say this way -
yet - no.

Let's go further.

First you should dwell upon it, then it is nesessary to try
to do.

I do, but the help is not concrete.

It can't be concrete :)))
Do you want freedom? Get it either immediately, or never.

I'll try to tie it somehow
to my business... (not to distort them....) well...

have you read Ram Dass's "Grist for the Mill"?
While beeing a professor Richard Alpert, then, as as result of his searchings,
moved seriously to different "emotional states", and
became Ram Dass :)))
It is one of my favorite books.

I've found it n your site, I've read a piece. Not quite like it.... Taking into account all his
emotions (as you say, while I've'n't noticed it) his has only bare theory
Take, for instance, his theory concerning 6 levels...


It's the theory you've paid attention to at first :)))
I just yesterday reread some pieces from it -
no theory :))))

In brief, the result is such - intellectually - a lot of interesting
ideas. (Besides the main idea - striving for destruction of yourself, personality,
"me". No, not quite, - I'll quote - "We are in learning
to become nothing special." Approximately this.

It was said for those, who are non-intellectuals :)))
For poets, for emotion-users :))

I am of another opinion. I can assume that it is so, but for me there is no development there.
For me it is a deadlock. I'd be glad to learn to play,

That's ok!
If you see, what you really need, it's a huge

because I've already been outside the theatre..) Emotionally - didn't like. No thrilling or other phenomena, which accompany books, which caught me.
(By the way the last one was - Sever Gansovsky "Awaykening")
(Sometimes even advertisments caught me....)

"Hey, guys!
Gallina Blanka has prepared a new surprise for you!
It ...died..."


How to reach nirvana?

How to recieve answers to questions, if somebody else's answers couldn't be recieved in advance because of their subjectivity? Answer yourself? But in this case it would resemble investigation, advocate, court and prosecution all in one.

And I'll tell you what to do! :)))
Before going somewhere, or doing something you in your head have some picture
of what'll happen, a map on which there is a field of action
drawn. On this map everything is connected, there are no
contradictions. It is the very Picture of the World of yours.
All you questions are followed by such answers that
do not contradict your Picture of the World. For any contradiction
there is a special sector in your Picture of the World
something like "other's stupidity" or "the fatal sphere" :))
So how to recieve new answers?
You should begin to act without support on your old
concepts, act without using the opportunities of your Picture
of the World. Finding yourself out in absolutelr new
and unusual circumstances gives you a chance to create absolutely new Pictures
of the World and in reality new Worlds.

You see, the question is asked not because you don't know something, not because of the absence of something certain (because another way there wouldn't arise a question), but because you can't answer it yourself. Maybe taking into consideration the thesis that a person knows everything, but he has forgotten that, having much dust in the consciousness.

You know why the question already has the answer?
Because the question determine the logic and the boards of the needed
answer. For instance, the question "why don't people fly?" it's just
a variety of question "why everything is not such as it is?"
Or the question "how to reach nirvana?" - it's
a variety of the question "how to possess something I don't possess?" -
here can be seen the true state of things and what for
should be needed an answer - everything is clear as it is :)))))

So, the answer is - to clear up the consciousness, and the answers will come themselves, and there won't be any questions? Right?
So I answered myself. Did I?

no :)))
The answer is getting something like an insight in your brains,
body and surroundings.



And what if in the reality everything is not like that? Having learned points of view of other people, I can understand something new and change the way of my perception.

That means that in your picture of today's world there are
doubts ("and what if everything is not like that?"), unstiffness ("I can
understand and change") and confidence to experience of "others" ("having
learned points of view of others"). The question is that you should See it.
"To See" - it is a state of simultaneously active
getting through, realizing, assuming, knowing and not making a tragedy
out of that :)) This state rarely appears by itself.
You should train its presence.

Does this state have anything in common with a often mentioned state of meditation?

It does.
But you should know that the word meditation is used by many
people and in very different meanings. It is not a
Term in general use. It is more like the word
"love". This is love and that is love :)))

But do I have right understanding? I mean I use this word
in a true meaning?

Words are just coventionally used signs. Every word
means something. There is no word by itself :)))
Besides the word "bang!" :)))

In the Russian language the word "meditation" can mean
action as well as state.

So, what means "meditation as an action"?
Meditation, the process of meditation, exercising meditation -
what are the actions?
You can say that sitting in silence, in lotus posture during
an hour - it's a meditation. And that is right. Though very
It is possible to say that watching the image of images - it's
a meditation. And that is also right.
It is possible to say that concentration on the solution of the problem of
non-existance - it's a meditation. And that is also right.
And there is a number of different complexes of different actions which
can be called meditation.

And what does it mean "meditation as a state"?
Meditation - is a special state of mind.
Meditation - is a state out of mind.
Meditation - is a state of not-mind.
Meditation - is a non-mind.
Meditation - is a state of being out of organs of the senses.
Meditation - is a state of feeling of unity: you together with the whole
world, the state of non-distinguishing yourself and the world, the state
of a strong mutual connection of everything with everything in the world.

All these definitions are right ones. Right means that to every definition
of the word "meditation" adequate action or states
can be found. In some traditions the word
"meditation" can have a precise definition and correspond
to a concrete state or action. But I know many
definitions and states, that can be called
"meditation". And they are not in conflict with themselves.

So, now compare this to your undestanding of "meditation"
and decide for yourself if your understanding is true.

And, ideally, you should always live in meditation.
Well, it is difficult to "get\realise\accept\know",
everything at once. Is it possible to divide? For example, to begin with

Of course!
That's the way.
First the attention is paid to different parts. The best result if
a conscious web is being made. If you, for instance,
want to raise a slab by a crane, you should fasten four ropes
right in the four oposite angles of a slab,
not all the four ropes on the left or in one angle.
Then there will be a certain result.

You can imagine such a model: every person is
a face of a clock, in any moment only one one-second sector
of a person is used, everything together - never. But it is
possible. How? To start with, you should find out, for example,
4 active points and in any of them you should wake up a part
of a connecting mechanism between them. In other words to notice and to create
the connection between the four different, at first sight, sectors.
Then to increase the number of sectors. Then to use double and triple sectors use
as a single one etc.

Cool! So, in everyday life you should gradually begin
to accept, realise,....
So, a constant self-comtrol? (if you accept, realise...)

Yes, at first you should use this action
"self-control". And this is, frankly speaking, a hard
action :))) But here everything is the same as in any kind of sport
- do you want to be the champion? train yourself!

The praise for "the torture by self-control" appears quickly
:)))) and this is a generous praise :)))

What do you mean saying "active point"?

Active point is a zone of a higher activity,
use, importance and zone of a higher attention of the whole
For example, among a person's extremities we can call the right hand
an Active Point, in the case if we speak about actions.
If we view Russia as a system, then Moscow will be
the most Active Point.

So, in any system there are certain Active Points. To change the system
we should exert influence on this Active Points. You
see how many people die, for example, in America every day -
but the country still move according to the chosen policy. But if, say,
President dies - the policy would be completely changed
It's because President is an Active Point.

So, take this into consideration and use it :))))
Don't get acquainted with everybody in the alphabetic order, coming to a new collective
:))) You should find out several leaders and find contact with them
The rest would be perfect without extra efforts :))))

The explanation is good but the student is a bit dumb :)
What do you mean by "a sector".
A side-part of the perception of the world?(a kind of one-sidedness?)

Yes, a sector - is a concrete part of our life. Starting from
washing dirty linen and ending with composing of serenades :)))

The first that you should see is that all the person's actions
lie not on the line scale (up\down), but
on the circle. Everything has its time and place. You should observe balance
in everything. If you lose a situation in one sector
- you can be sure, it will affect other sectors.

I suggest that you and others should set the examples here yourselves.

And the second - you should make this circle more and more
conscious. There shouldn't be left a sector that
lacks applying of force.

It is what is called a practice on the Path.


Psycho-phisical adequacy

Don't get acquainted with everybody in the alphabetic order, coming to a new collective
:))) You should find out several leaders and find contact with them
The rest would be perfect without extra efforts :))))

Is it a hint to the forum? :)

To the forum as well :)))

The first that you should see is that all the person's actions
lie not on the line scale (up\down), but
on the circle. Everything has its time and place..

And why on the circle?

Because the circle doesn't have top and bottom, good and bad
This model is used only to distinguish between
linear and non-linear measures.

Generally, is it possible to put all the person's actions in order perfectly?

Only for certain problems on a certain period of time.

That means that a model of a cicrle is also used "for a certain problems
for a certain period of time"?


And you shouldn't get used to the model.
After it there appears another one, which is more complicated, but which comprises
more possibilities?

That's it.

You should observe balance
in everything. If you lose a situation in one sector
- you can be sure, it will affect other sectors.

First I couldn't get from the theoretical model,
how to use it in life. Clock-face, sectors.
And then suddenly it occurred to me.
For example, in the morning I'm in such a terrible state,
when I awake, that I hardly can make head or tail
what for I've woken up. And in the evening ,
when the day is behind me, I feel so much strength and self-confidence,
and can't understand, how such a feeling could appear in the morning.
And in the morning I can hardly imagine evening's state.
Is that that?

These are two different sectors, two different parts.

Now you should "give birth to a part of a connecting mechanism" in every point
Right? But what does that mean?

That means to see, how one is connected to another. In which part
of you they touch\cross? Why
so? Can you change the places of these two states? Why?

When a person receives answers for such questions,
then his integrity becomes more revealed.
And at first there exist only a phrase: "I'm a complex". Besides
there are no psycho-phisical adequacy.


I want to die

I want to die, Lotos. But now somehow in another way
- I want to die to live after that, to continue
or to begin to live.
And before that not to live, to stop with such a life
It's a nonsense!
And here it is a normal potential self-murderer...
But I want to live as well...
Actually I can't understand this doublness... and can't
understand why I want that...
Lotos, is it possible to die and live after that?

To gibe birth to You-new - You-old should die.
But before that you should very well understand
what is Death, what is she like
who is - You-Old, who is -You-New, how the dying is happening
and how the birth is happening.

Pay attention to the fact that people say"I want to die",But nobody says
"I want to kill my body". Understand?
The problem is not in taking life out of the body.
The problem is that such a life that is now
does not satisfy. The desire to die - is a desire for great changes.
Are you ready to great changes?

Being a student of a secondary school, I couldn't make head or tail out of the question
"to live or to die?"for three years As well as I stood
on the 8-th floor many times and thought that nothing prevents me from jumping.
And it turned out that rushing to one side
gives a chance to get somewhere where nobody has ever been
on the other side.


The stage of untipical difficulties

Is that right, on the other hand, that if even something is truly understood than everything would be understood?

Right, because true understanding is seen by the position from which it is realised and not by the object on which it is directed.


THere is a great desire to stop doing what is "necessary", that means to accomplish social and labour functions which have been made by a previous stage of life I'm tired. There is a desire to begin something completely new, but I don't know what. Such a "break":)

Oh! It's a serious stage:)))
The stage of untipical difficulties :)))

I've realised for the last 3 years, that the desire
to change yourself should be strong enough for the private outer world
possessed such condition that let you get out of
usual and accepted by everyone ideas about actions.
If there are no such conditions, it is necessary to grow
understanding and inner changes. There exist a lot of technics
that have been created.


What is fear?

Lotos, recently I'm tortured by a question
"What is fear?

Here it is practice that is necessary.
Fear - is one of the states of the organism. You should see that
by you own example. Try to visualize the state of one of that fears
and go inside it. Now be attentive, observe it,
notice and do not hurry with conclusions .
The world looks the same or different in a state of fear and before it?
Where is the attention directed in these two situations?
Try to do something simple being in these two states.
What is the difference in the actions?
What is your reaction on others in these two states?
What do you want in these two states?
You should find answers to these questions.

A definition of fear in plain words gives nothing. There should be
a conscious experience.

As a result you should possess a full understanding of the fear as
a state of the organism. Such knowledge gives possesion
and controlling of this state. To use it or not
you'll decide that for yourself in certain situations.

Where is it from?

From where different misfortune go:))
Nobody wants to be unlucky, but it constantly happens.
What's the point? :))))

Why a great number of people is afraid of something?"

Why everyone wants to be happy, but only one or two
is really happy? Do you know the answer to this question?


Making a Structure of the Inner Space

And what is it "INDEPENDENT AIMS of the certain period of life"?

It is a state of such depending-on-nothing understanding
WHAT, HOW and WHAT FOR you're doing. The feeling of the aim
which has no doubts. The intention to do what you're doing till the end.

The word "independent" underlines dependance on nothing.

In such a state there are no wasting of time, boredom
and doubts.

You can't come to that through discussions. You should gradually
increase the quantity of Conscious Experience.

Everybody come across such a situation:
a person who can not work with a computer,
a table appears on the screen. The person doesn't know
what to do with it and asks a "computerman". He comes and begins
to click the keys very quickly, open some new windows
put some signs somwhere and tell something like
"it's so simple, when you see the same next time
do this ... here we switch off... here we change
a parameter..." etc.
The person can't understand how it is possible to understand
all this?! But "the computerman" is a person as well and came to his
today's abilities not for a moment- with one great insight- but
step by step:))) Something here, something there, here read a little
from a book, here tried to do something - then
new connections appear in your mind, different pieces
become whole, what's more, it cannot be described by two or threee words.
So, it's an ability consisting of a complicated puzzle
of intellectual, motive, hearing, more simple skills.

That's why for gaining new experience quickly and can do a lot of things
Inner Space of a person should acquire a STRUCTURE.

At first it is really difficult, but the result
is astounding:)))

I got it. I shouldn't change places of my thoughts,
I should go to a new level of perception. Somewhere higher
or somehow from aside.
Yesterday I was going home along the river. Everything is ok.
As if some Me was going. Look at myself from the other side. Here the river
flows calmly. And there are lights reflecting in the river, and there are
some searchlights in the clouds. And there is some-Me going and looking at all that.
And in the morning also as though from the other side. Just opened
my eyes, took the watch, it was already 7 a.m.. And probably that was not me,
who overslept, it was some Me. But I would do morning exercises, anyway. And there one more
window was lit up,somebody had overslept as well. But I wasn't late for work.
So, on this level the thoughts also come, you see them but
they do not touch your emotions. They do not frighten you by coming poverty
and homeless old-age, but just fix on what is happening.
Scanning "now-and-here"-ness.

It's the very practice beeing in a certain state.
When being in it becomes stable, new possibilities
of being in close states are opened, but
with such that are not close to "usual".

So, let's hurry up with making a STRUCTURE of the INNER SPACE!!!
And how ? What should be done for that very purpose?
I have some books about this very Inner Space. But
I can't get it by myself. I open them like that and like this, and put aside till
some other time.

Well this is a real work to build a structure:))))
Opened like this and like that and got an absolutely honest result

Speaking in brief, the work is presence in some places such as
Seminar by Zolotov, like this Training
Like the same Seminars and Trainings.
Presence, work, diligence, intention- all this
step by step builds a structure of the Inner Space of a person.

Then, when a person "got" this special state
of structure, you should come to "usual" life and
get a result in it. That means to come to "everything is
Training" :))))


Changing of the HPW

So, what is the sense of changing one HPW for another.
From one sector of exclusive circle to another?

Theoretically - no sense:)))
If a person is only speaking about that, nothing new happens.
The ability to build mental construction
is old, the one which he has worked out before.
That means everything stays the same for him.
Only worse:)))) Because he one more time says to himself:
"You see, there is the same thing as everywhere".

But if a person really saw, I underline SAW that
what he is living in - is just a HPW, than there appears a possibility
to change all this. And if you succeded in changing once, twice
than you can believe that you've aquired, gained a new ability
- to change the HPW, to change the conditions in which you live
to change your life.

All this can be proved by practice, not by theory.

How to break this vicious exclusive circle
of life?

The only answer is - to change yourself.
If you already heard that, than see - you've just lost
the moment for changing yourself:))))

Mind, "to change" - is the verb that means
doing an action.

I rather doubt if I have a HPW.
When you live in one and the same flat, than yes
- you can say: I have a certain flat.

And if I, like a nomad, spend every new night in a new place?

That is your HPW - to spend every night in a new place. You
don't think that HPW is bound to a place of living
do you?

The HPW - is an ability to act with the help of the same methods
that a person already knows. It is the method
of acting defines a person's reality.

And how do you fight with the gap between the understood
and how it is in life?

When there was such a gap I asked myself
"why?", was searching for the root of the problem and tried as long as I could
is the situation let me do that, not to draw the conclusion.
Than it appeared that "understanding" - is not a conceptual
undesrepancy, as it is usually supposed, but such a qualitative
state in which a person can stay. The question was raised
only about the practice of this seeing. There were no problem in this
because the seeing was clear.

* * *

But if a person really saw, I underline SAW that
what he is living in - is just a HPW, than there appears a possibility
to change all this. And if you succeded in changing once, twice
than you can believe that you've aquired, gained a new ability
- to change the HPW, to change the conditions in which you live
to change your life.

Theoretically everything is clear. I'm completely with you!
I don't see the examples.

The fact is you agree and see everything from the same old
quality:)))) The changes haven't begun! :)))

There are nobody's experience to follow.
How from the present level of changes
jump to a new one?

To achieve a new quality. Your today's one has such characteristics
that they do not let you "to see the examples".

How to make better what I already have how to find balance in all that.
Let's say there is a job which is badly paid,
and boring but well-paid.
And how - interesting and perfectly paid!? :)))

For this very purpose you should become such a person to whom it is possible
to offer interesting job and pay for it perfectly.

For instance you, in your letters to the Training shows some
attitude towards me and the Training. What do you think, am I like a job-offerer
ready to offer you an interesting job
pay for it perfectly?

There are certain situations which are developing in such a way
changing in such a way that you are running around the circle!
To break without breaking the rules of global changes is impossible!?

To break without breaking is impossible. When there are changes
in a person, then everything is changed - not only inner world
but also an outer one. If a person tries to preserve
the outer world without changes than his inner work resembles
a torture and leads to nothing.



Translated by Belka.


Copyright 2003