To eight comrades of mine
I dedicate this Wise Teaching:
To Petrov, VoRe, Olga Scotland, Seanat, Bzicky,
Anya Egorova, Antivitalik and Alexey Hodkov.


8 Noble Demerits Of Modern Seeker


1. Laziness

It manifests itself in one single thought: "I'm a great guy, but right now I feel a bit too lazy to…". This thought has plenty of variants: "I understand, I am able, I'd like to, but my damned laziness spoils the whole matter…". It is the most widespread disease, which results in the most catastrophic consequences. It's catastrophic in the sense that wonders do really happen sometimes - boom! - and a person receives a big valuable Something as a kind of Wonderful Gift, finds a person looked for, finds required resources, gets into a period of unexpected luck, etc., but then laziness totally negates all beneficial effects of this Gift. Yes, a Wonder happens, but it's always like a challenge: "Go on, guy! All you need is to overcome the level you're currently at a little bit. Come on!" But this damned laziness… So, here I just would like to say that laziness is nothing more than a sophisticated invention of one's intelligence, designed to preserve a status quo, an old form. Well, I'm good, but I've got one tiny weak point (not depending on myself), it is my laziness. Laziness comes and that's it. But this conception is hard to admit, since there turns out that every time it's not that you just "can, but laziness interferes", but that "YOU CAN'T", "YOU ARE UNABLE", "YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND".


2. Inattention

Inattention to minor changes. Minor changes indicate that some similar but gretaer changes are coming. One should learn from small things - it's the most effective way of learning. Learn how to wash dishes properly and you'll learn how to build cities properly. Inattention results in constant treading upon rakes without noticing them until another blow of iron rake crushes your head. Every phenomenon appears in human life as something small first. Till it's small one can control it. Then it grows and gets out of control. In this way a person gets into situation "the circumstances forced to". This is one another major today Disease: "I could, but these circumstances do not let me…". Here the "circumstances are once again depicted as something of external nature, something not created by me myself.

Inattention causes another big trouble - lack of required strength. It is inattention that makes one to waste his/her energy for matters, that should have been done yesterday when a situation was more appropriate and not today, when it's too late, but at the same time it's impossible to give them up, since the head is crushed and without the head one can't manage to live on. So a person is constantly engaged in yesterday matters and never in today ones.


3. Narrow-mindedness.

It is when a person sincerely believes that computers grow on trees like fruits. That Dad always has bucks. That there's a career that requires to do nothing and enables to get anything. That other people know better how to do what I don't know how to do. That it would be enough to get some wanted thing to make the whole life better. That in a little while everything would go OK without any efforts. It is narrow-mindedness that doesn't let one see that cakes a baked by real people and not by "them", that magazines are issued by real people as well and not by corrupted journalists, that policeman has his own children of whom he cares in his own way, that rude guys in the bus are you yourself, but just tired and irritable. Narrow-mindedness leads to ungratefulness. A person can't tell a Wondrous Gift from the flow of other passing things.


4. Unseriousness

Unseriousness of intention, aka weakness. Aka one of the aspects of inattention. Unseriousness is strongly connected to the absence of Wholesome World-View. A person is not capable of taking responsibility for his/her decisions. Just like you want to do something, but - one, two, and you drop your hands down. Unseriousness fills human life with plenty of non-beneficial things, such as unsatisfaction, depression, boredom, debts to one's past.


5. Fear

First of all it is a fear of changes. A Clever Seeker fights this fear in advance, from the very first signs of it: "I'd have come to the seminar, but why do I need it, they even don't know how to organize one", "I'd have written a message to this Master, but what for? He gets It - I get It, what could we want from each other?". The main problem that is caused by fear is decceleration of development. Of course, there is a best-suited age for development too. It is a period between 14 and 25. The ultimate point is 33 years. Later it is next to impossible.


6. Diffusion

Lots of things to do and nothing concrete, or - paradoxically - few things to do and nothing concrete. I.e. a person understands that "one can't lead such a life further on", but still leads one. Diffusion is a peculiar mechanismus. A self-eating one. It is a snake that swallows its own tail and thinks "Well, I do wrong, all this won't result in anything good". Such thoughts create an illusion of understanding and conceal sillyness and weakness very effectively.


7. Reliance on God Knows What

It is a traditional Russian Noble Demerit. Some provide it with a particular name "Avos'". But I always see the Core Essense and the Core Essense of Avos' is God Knows What. Nothing indicates that some event will take place, but a person acts as if everything indicates on it. Natural failure is faced with unreasonable surprise and -the thing I admire - is taken as a legitime reason to take a REST. Yes-yes, to take a rest after a work accomplished. Inside the Reliance on God Knows What contains one another specific Russian entertainment - a Belief in Charity. I.e., I'll sit here for a while, gazing around and then what I need - hop! - would come itself.


8. Imaginary greatness.

Imaginary greatness, just like fear, slows the development down. A person perceives a distorted World View and so the results s/he obtains are different from what he expected. Also a person fails to notice people and situations s/he might have learned a lot from.


All these 8 Noble Demerits are interrelated. Every one of them supports and maintains another seven. Understanding any of them will weaken all the rest.


Translated by Ger.


Copyright © 2003